Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I love, love, love, love, love, love my digital camera.
And I love downloading my camera and discovering the faces and places waiting to be recalled. And I love when someone else took some of those pictures... this happened last week, when friends invited us to come by and share dinner.

When you have a digital camera, you can pout, if you want to, but there's really no need.

:: Maria, Natalie, Mike ::

With a digital camera, you can keep snapping shots, until you get all smiles.

:: Sparky and Michal ::

Pictures of pets. Pictures of friends. Pictures of friends holding their pets. Endless possibilities.

:: Three Mikes ::

Endless silliness captured and preserved. I love the freedom. I love the memories.

We brought our raspador and homemade strawberry syrup. We made shave ice. Maria's practice beehive hairdo was holding up really well. She's going to be a super heroic BeeWoman at Comic Con.

:: Mugging for the camera... Mike and Suki ::

I love my digital camera, and I love neighbors who say, "Let's share dinner."

:: Maria, Caia, Mike ::

I love summer and summer fun, and summer smiles.

:: Caia and her Uncle Mike ::

Caia is learning the ukulele too. Like me. And Mike loves taking pictures. Like me. And we all like shave ice and strawberry syrup.

:: Alex and Suki ::

This makes me happy. Good one, Mike.

:: Suki and Maria ::

I keep meaning to learn more about photography, to practice what I learn. But one thing I know: it's worthwhile to just keep snapping. Also, it's fun to see what happens when your camera is in other hands... you get a new point of view.

Thank you Mike, and Suki.


Jennifer said...

I love the fun, the photos, the energy, the surprises, the very essence of summer that is captured here!

Carley said...

Nice to meet you.

Our family has pet chickens in the backyard and one house-chicken. :)


ArtyZen said...

Wonderful pics, Natalie. Everyone looks so happy, even the pouters! Maria's hair is the bees knees!