Monday, February 27, 2012

The Biergarten Joy Spills Over


We have great friends, who host a great party, in their biergarten. Everyone is invited. Everyone. These Biergarten Parties have never failed to be less than amazing. This one, the first of the new year, was no exception.

The first time we made it to one of Michal and Michael's garden parties,
Maria danced. Well, Maria almost always dances, but this time she danced in front of dozens of strangers and new acquaintances. It was a birthday dance, in honor of Michael's birthday, and it inspired the planning, and the construction of an outdoor dance floor-stage.

::Michael, Michal, Jack::

When Michael and Michal announced the date for this party, Maria immediately began planning her return to the stage, this time with a ballet. She chose her dress, from her well-stocked costume box. She found a silky scarf, pink gloves, and flowers on combs, for her hair. And she rehearsed. A lot. She illustrated every step of the ballet she would do for the party. Sometimes, I can see where she gets her interests, abilities, and times like this she just amazes me with her own sensibilities and dedication.

We brought her change of outfit to the party, and after awhile Michal started asking for "the dance," so I was getting ready to help Maria change, but all of her friends gathered in, and at once we could see that we had a pink-tulle-twirly-floral shortage. Four ballerinas, and only one outfit. I dashed home, and rummaged through our thrifted treasure... tutus, scarves, veils, a yard of tulle, a floral wreath, a lei... anything that could be made into fairy-tale magic. And it was magical. In no time we had four girls in their finest, and ready to perform.

Can you see Eli, keeping his hands warm by the fire? He and Maria arranged the music for her dance. How many ballets have you seen, choreographed to original banjo music? Eli and Maria are quite the cutting edge talents.

Just like she illustrated, and practiced + three impromptu dancers. They were adorable. Each dancer in her signature ensemble. Behind me: family and friends taking pictures and loving the show.

Did you see him? Alex, peering 'round the corner of the barn?
They've been busy planning another party; a massive, multi-birthday celebration, with details and touches that defy description. I am sworn to secrecy, so I will stop now.

Besides dress-up, dancing, music, and great food, we also find engaging conversations, games, new friends to meet, and a relaxing time to catch-up.

::Filippo, Geoff, Paul::

Speaking of new friends... we met Filippo, Karen, Luca and Cecilia at Maria's school, and I felt pretty sure they would appreciate being at this gathering. And do you remember Paul? Do you know he lives here, now? That's right he is the scout, moved south, and preparing the way for Janece and Amira to come soon, too. It was providential, his timing, arriving as we were on our way to the party. I cannot think of a better way to make yourself at home, in a new town, than to be at a Biergarten Party, meeting all of these amazing people.

And not only amazing people, there were also the amazing hens, to meet.

And foods to eat.

Is there any better way to get lots of delicious food, than a potluck? Everyone brings something special, favored, good. We brought pasta, minestrone, and shaved ice.

Max made shaved ice for anyone in the mood for an icy treat with homemade syrup. I made a mixed berry syrup, but my favored flavor was the lemon-mint-chile... it was not hot-spicy, but it did have more pep than your typical lemonade.

Here is Michael, making a good point.

And here is Miguel Angel, making a very good point, about conservation, our health, and the health of our planet. This young man is an author, and a passionate activist. I hope you will follow this link, to find his book, and buy one for yourself or your public library. His organization is planting ten trees for every book sold, and this year he hopes to have planted ten thousand trees! We were all beyond impressed listening to him give his speech about how he is making a difference to change the world. I am inspired to help him fulfill his vision. More trees!

He inspired us with his eloquence and dedication, and then we had the pleasure of singing Happy Birthday to this bright twelve year old visionary.

It was cold. It's cold today, too. Gosh, I wonder if it's finally winter? The fire ring is always a nice place to gather, but when the sun slipped away, we slipped into the house... for dinner, and more music.

Seems we have quite a few musicians in our midst. And Jessica came by with a guitar from her organization, Guitars In The Classroom, so we enjoyed several mini-concerts. Wood-burning stove, hot soup, live music, children playing, and friends keeping company... a very nice way to enjoy the evening.

Jessica sang, too. She has a strong, lovely voice. And the little children danced. The evening was simply pleasant, easy.

::Michal and Kelly::

::Theresa and Christina Diable Canard... a FIRST 1266 Devil Ducky::

Michal: Where is Geoff?

Natalie: He's back at the metal shop.

Michal: But... that was like three hours ago. He said he was coming back here.

Natalie: That's robotics...

Theresa: FIRST?!

Natalie: FIRST!

Natalie and Theresa, brand new friends, smile knowingly, and high five!

There's more. I met some very special people. I feel as though my family has grown. It's wonderful. In fact, the fun continued throughout the weekend, with backyard yoga, and more visits, barnyard plans, planting seedlings, and an unrehearsed Academy Awards-dinner party. Honestly, I don't think of myself as a wildly social being, but you wouldn't believe me after reading this post!


nikkipolani said...

I love that: "I feel as though my family has grown."

Kate said...

This post just absolutely radiated with positive, loving energy! I was smiling big by the end of it.

Janece said...

Everything about this just vibrates with a joy, life-filled hum! I love it!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It's good, yes?
I met new people, including someone I have more in common with than I would have dared to imagine, and we are neighbors, too!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

It's almost awkward admitting how special these events are, but if anything I have understated the positive-loving-energy. If ever you are south, and the garden is open, then you will have to join us and see for yourself. We would love to see your big smile.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I get excited... and soon, you'll see why.
I hope Paul enjoyed the party... he looked happy, but I know he will have even more fun when you dears are there with him to share the happenings.