Monday, February 27, 2012

Zoltar's Daughter

She is Zoltar's daughter. Her mama is a little Silky, and her papa was a little bantam we called Zoltar. She flies, just like Zoltar did. She is nimble, quick, and when she wants out... she gets out.

We read all the name suggestions from Snowball to Quazithorp the Omnipotent. We loved the snack-cake names, like Dolley Madison, and Twinkie. I had to veto Geoff's suggestion of Ho-Ho. The children and I debated. Geoff stood by his choice, and we even called out names, waiting for a sign. Max and I were going over the names, and discussing our little hen's nature, how much she reminded us of Zoltar, when suddenly the name became obvious, and right.

Other Little Debbie is Zoe. It means life. It's Greek. When Zoltar was a chick, and we hoped a hen, we named her/him Zoe, then made the name more masculine when we saw which way his tail feathers were growing.

In honor and memory of our brave and cocky-little-dude, his daughter will take his first name. She is a lively and dear little Zoe, with a big spirit.

I think Betty agrees, lively is an apt description, and Zoe is the right name.

Thank you for playing along. Next year, when Geoff gets the big-fat hens he wants, we can have more fun thinking up names.


Janece said...

Nice name pick! I like it! Thanks for including us in the process. It was fun!

Alison said...

I'm partial to Zoe; it was the alternate name I was considering for Rosie. Sounds like a perfect fit.

Anonymous said...

Perfect name - honoring a beautiful little man...

California Jenn

ArtyZen said...

Zoe is excellent. I still like Florence and Edith but Zoe is good especially with the link to her father. Nice choice. Axxx