Thursday, March 01, 2012

Birthday Battle

This day marks the anniversary of your birth.
In your honor, I will do battle with you on the field of glory!

Actually, what I heard Maria say is, "Happy birthday, William. Wanna have a battle?" And even though William had just finished a round of sword and cudgel clashing with Max, he accepted Maria's earnest and heartfelt offer.

Calling with full volume, I could hear Maria repeating her battle cry: "Happy... birthday... William!" And then as she charged toward him, "Fus ro dah!"

A three-way battle of unrelenting force, yes.
I will refrain from tearfully, joyfully, extremely emotionally recalling William's birth and every precious milestone since. Just know that I am happy, proud, and grateful to see this day, and I look forward to many celebrations to come.

Happy Birthday, William, and may any obstacles that arise be conquered by your wit, intelligence, kindness, dedication, and true heart.


Claire said...

Happy Happy Birthday, William!

-Your friend from the orient

ArtyZen said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate such an important birthday! Clearly you're having a good one, William. Congratulations to all involved.

warren said...

The force is strong with these ones...stay far from the dark sign young padawans...

jola prosceno said...

When I first met William he was about 4 years old, and he would take sticks and make them into swords. Both Natalie and I had grand delusions that our boys would not use weapons in their imaginary play :) Shortly thereafter, I realized to relax and let boys be boys. I love our Boys!

Maria said...

aaaa the goats! the goats!The goats were so small.But now the goats are little fatties. But we love them.