Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Chicken By Any Other Name

Today is the day we give Other Little Debbie a name all her own. Since friends noticed some distinguishing features between Little Debbie and her sister, Other Little Debbie, we are going to choose a name for the chica with the big lipstick. We are calling the comb that comes around her beak "lipstick."

Here is the dash that I see every morning, when I open the shark cage. All the chicas come sprinting out. All, except Zelda, who sits in her nest, pining for eggs that can hatch.

Already out of the frame is Puff, racing for second are Little Debbie, Lady Betty Oprington, She-bot Mini-Bot, and Penny. Other Little Debbie is climbing out of the shark cage, and Kamen Mini-Bot has just hit the dirt. They are all hoping I will share some cracked corn with them, then release them out into the big yard.

"Well?" Betty asks, "Have you decided what to name her?"

Betty seems caught in a game of ring-around-the grand dame. Little Debbie follows Puff, and "____________" is right on her tail. If I don't let them out, to explore abroad, they will retreat to the sunniest patch of the yard, and commence with their dust baths, then mosey over to the compost pile and see what's cookin'. All, except Zelda, who sits in her nest, pining for eggs that can hatch, and "__________" who is a daring explorer and will find yet another way of giving me the slip, and escape into the big yard. What we have is a brave escape artist with wanderlust, and she needs a name.

Stay tuned.


ArtyZen said...

I just really like Florence. Or Edith. No reasons but they're my favourite names and I would have called Romy these names but they don't sound right in Spanish. Florence or Edith. She would suit either. Axx

~Niki~ said...

how about omlet, huevo, or cluck ;) lol.
I want to get chickens. I was told by the feed store that I should keep them in the coop because chickens can fly away if their wings are not clipped. do you clip their wings?

Alison said...

Well, if she's that kind of spirit, how about Thelma or Louise?