Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Looking Around, Smiling

Today, I could really believe spring has arrived. The storm that blew through here, over the weekend, was the most winter we had all season, bringing snow, hail, plenty of rain, and deeply cold temperatures across the county. But today? Blue skies, warmer breezes, and that shift in the light... something brighter, longer lasting.

I'll have to remember not to let the longer days fool me... I always wind up starting dinner and bedtime later and later. Wouldn't it be great if we could live our days by the sun? Never mind school start times, and the schedules of the outside world, just follow the clocks we have inside. I guess that's why I am always eager for summer, for the liberties of fewer have to's.

I digress. I was going to write about happy sights. Simple.

The daffodils are making me smile. I brought them home closed tight, and they've all burst open. They look perfectly whimsical, almost silly, utterly playful. They remind me of teacups and saucers.

The hens are sitting in the shark cage until they lay. No more surprise nests! By afternoon, they are free to romp and scratch in the wide open. We are getting a nice inventory. Small, but plenty. I love seeing all the eggs, together, their pretty forms and colors, the prospect of making something special.

More happy sights! My walnut rolling pin... a thrift shop find, vintage, and made locally. My bird hanger, and the pretty measuring spoons Holly gave me one birthday, my aprons, too... happiness. And a new delight, the feed bag turned shopping bag... a thoughtful and fun gift from Patricia and Michael. They know the young lady making these, and when I learn her name, and where she sells, I will share it here.

Spring. It's here. Not perfect, not wholly peaceful and neat, but I am thankful. I can look around and find plenty of reasons to smile... not just for the things, but also for the reminders of people I love, the blessings I enjoy. And I am hoping you can look around, where you are, and smile, too.


Anonymous said...

You are so right about living by the sun. I was just saying that to my husband. Also, I never really thought I'd look forward to summer until I had a school aged child. It's hard to shuttle, pack lunches, parent teacher meetings, etc. I'm ready for wandering.

fjord girl said...

Beautiful image of spring Natalie...Daffodils, a sight for sore eyes. And that is one neat bag! I just read you header that you have 3 boys and 1 girl...(me too)
Have a lovely spring day!

nikkipolani said...

Was thinking of the delight of new little eggs all around your home. But how do you bake with them? Two for one?