Monday, March 19, 2012

Owl Together Now

Whoo turned six, and threw a great party for owl her friends?

Answer: Izzy is the girl whoo brought birds of a feather to party together.

Izzy and Maria

Maria was looking forward to her cousin's birthday party, and really enjoyed the owl theme, very much... even more so when she saw all the clever details, and fun activities her aunt Holly had in store for them.

It was a full house, that blustery day, but there was room for all, and plenty to do, like painting owl houses.

They also had their faces painted in owl fashion, and the wild weather paused, so they could bounce on the trampoline, shoot hoops, and run around.

From the snacks to the birthday cake... everywhere were fun owl touches and creativity. I think the planner had as big a hoot as the guests!

Happy Birthday, Izzy!

*Follow this link for an owl inspired craft you can try, and turn an old shirt new!


Kim said...

You are so clever with all your owlish puns! That party looks like it was a blast. I will have to book mark this for Indigo in a couple years. Very cool!

test said...

Another great party I missed, happy birthday Maria, I guess I have to book for next year, I need to bring my own paint, as my head (face) is much bigger then any of the others.
Love you

test said...

Another party I missed, and i think you would not have enough paint, my head (face) is a lot bigger then any of the other guests.
Happy birthday Maria.
I book for next year.
Love you

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Ah, Michael... you didn't miss Maria's birthday (which, oops, we never did have a party for.)
Maria's cousin was celebrating her sixth birthday. But, gee... maybe we should plan a much-belated party for Maria?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Sweet theme, right?
Thank you for the pun love ~ *grin.*

fjord girl said...

This is just toooooo clever. Love this- what great ideas for a party so unique and different. Looks like they all had a fun!
Hoot. hoot!(sorry couldn't resist)