Sunday, July 01, 2012

Art Made

Friends. Blue sky. Enough supplies, not quite enough chairs, and pie. Plenty of pie. It was all we needed to get our party started. All, even the most reluctant, were plein air painters, sketchers, dabblers.

Darrahl was there as a lover of fine art.

Nathan, Darrahl, and Gabe were shifting gears a bit, since they came from the metal shop, where Team Paradox is busy with its summer project.

Here is Nathan's masterpiece.

He's heading back to Drexel soon, to his robot building job, and fraternity friends, but today he was a Bird House Artist.

It was good to see this artist too, taking a break from the metal shop, and sharing a quiet afternoon with blues and golds, and friends.

Gabriel's masterpiece.

This was the quietest gathering we have ever witnessed. Everyone was focused and immersed in their art. The tiny canvases give you a chance to experiment, to concentrate without getting to overwhelmed. Something about the size is liberating for the experts, as well as the timid.

This is Tatiana's masterpiece.
Should we tell her? That she left her painting behind? But then she might take it away, and I really like seeing it. Let's not mention it. Not for a while.

Max worked in acrylics. He likes the way the colors blend.
I like the way the paints boldly build up in Max's masterpiece.

Intent and purposeful, smiling and admiring. We were all engrossed, one way or another.

Quiet... well, almost quiet. We do have goats and chickens, after all.

Alex drew a compass. A brass masterpiece in ink.

Then he added paints, using the most convenient palette he could find.

This is a masterpiece in progress, by Janece.

And we have another masterpiece... Amira, and her pretty painting!

Emma, receiving critical approval from Darrahl. Her sunflower made me eager for the sunflowers that are rising strong in the garden.

One variety we planted, Van Gogh sunflowers. Cannot imagine plein air painting without sunflowers.

Emma's summer sunsational masterpiece.

Kiley shared her paints, too. But before I let her paint, I had to take her into the barn to meet our Flopsy bunny, because look at her marvelous dress!

And voila! We have another masterpiece!

Hello, Bambi. Poor artists, besides the distraction of goats and chickens, they have to contend with me and my Big Beautiful Black camera. Don't mind me, friends.

Bambi and her rosy masterpiece.
Time to walk the goats. Goat walking is legit fun. They amble, they lag, they dance, and turn sideways, they find digestible ingestibles, they prance, and look adorable. Goats!

Someone should paint the goats. Not the goats themselves... like do a portrait of the goats. You know what I mean.

Now for a little art therapy... we brought out the Flopsy bunny. How do you describe what happens to people when they hold a handful of silky fluffness bunny cuteness? It's just indescribably, almost unbearably, CUTE!

An untapped natural resource for healing, calming, for world peace, and serenity.

Sammay is just back from Hawaii... another natural resource for healing, calming, peace and serenity. Aloha, Sammay.
Sammay's masterpiece.
Matt, eventually, put down the bunny, and went back to working on his masterpiece. He is serenely talented.

Quiche, and quiche, and pie, and pie. My own artistic contribution.

I think Tatiana enjoyed all the varieties of art, crusty ingestibles, and animal friends. Ah, summer, you hold so many gifts, and goodnesses.


Janece said...

Twas the loveliest of times! Thank you!! :)

warren said...

Those are all very nice but I really liked Tatiana's a lot! But really...they were all really awesome!

judy in ky said...

The best of everything... friends, creativity, beauty, animals... and pie! Your photos warmed my heart and made me smile early this morning.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank YOU!
good company = lovely times

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Agreed. Tots did something special.
And it's cool how each one shines in its
own way.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Ah... I like to think of you smiling early in the morning.
I hope your entire day is filled with good reasons to smile, Judy.