Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Online and Around the Barn

There are a few, specific, things I envisioned for the Bird House, when I first started dreaming it could be ours... a screen door in our room... out to the porch, garden beds and a coop, and a laundry line. I know, I have fancy tastes and visions. I also envisioned an outbuilding for the animals, tools, and supplies that go hand in hand with keeping chickens... basically a shed... with barn flare. We know how nicely that worked out!

Geoff and I hung a laundry line this week. Squeee! I love it. Granted, it's not exactly the view people expect when gazing toward the rising sun, and back country hills. I think if anyone complains about it, I will chime in too, and say "Sorry. I agree, it's unsightly having only one line for six people's worth of clean clothes. We really should have at least two more lines."

And we have garden beds, and rambling pumpkin patches. I love these too. Another area gardener was sharing her already orange, ripe pumpkins. Some of ours are nearly ready for harvesting. It surprises me. I am trying to not let it make me eager for fall, and brisk days. It's my favorite time of the year, but being anxious for fall to come sooner would spoil a perfectly lovely summer.

Our Flopsy bunny lives inside the barn, when she isn't napping on someone's lap. Today she is visiting the old hutch, above the pumpkins. Like the rest of us, we thought she would enjoy the cool day, the breezes, and the birds. She is as soft and sweet as she looks, and she smells like alfalfa and warm comfort.

Inside the barn, with the chocolate floors, and tea cup shelves, Chango naps, or watches the activities in the garden. From here, he can see the hummingbirds, Sanka, and Flopsy.

I finally started gathering the lavender that grows in our barrel. Why did I wait so long to do this? It's so simple, and satisfying. I can cut a handful every few days, and my reward is that more, and more grows back. Geoff attached a driftwood ledge for future cuttings to hang and dry.

The driftwood was collected by Geoff and Maria when they were beach combing, on the Central Coast. It makes me happy to see it in the barn... seeing anything in there, that has meaning, a connection, a story, is dear to me. Memories make an old stick a keepsake, and I happily recall camping with family and friends, the windy night and the anticipation of the days ahead.

Happy Fourth of July, friends!
We are having such a mellow, drifting day... no direction, no destination, no deadlines. Now, that's Independence!

Does it seem as though we live in the barn now? As though everything revolves around a tiny shed? We do sleep there, or at least nap. We read in there, and play with the Flopsy bunny. I sweep the floors, and open the drapes. I remind Geoff that I really do not have fancy tastes. Maybe, with a massive purge of too much stuff, we could give the Bird House the Barn Treatment. Yes. This is what I prescribe for myself. Simplify, please. Please, simplify.

And Chango looks as though he would agree. His gaze says, Dear, I've told you all along... you only need a place to nap, a place to stretch, some water and a dish.

Well, yes... that may be enough for a much adored kitty, but I think a bit more is expected of us. I understood your general sentiment though, Chango. You are wise.


judy in ky said...

You have created a magical place. Everything about it looks homey and comfortable to me. I could never live without animals and a quiet place to sit and read. It's all there, in your photos. It looks to me as if your dreams are coming true.

Dianna said...

I was thinking of fall the other day as well. I had to stop myself. Summer just began!

Maria said...

I think that we have a little ninja hopping around. love Maria!:D

Kim said...

Oh it looks so nice and peaceful! And yes, I am a big fan of simplifying too. Moving has "helped" me purge some of our stuff and I have big ideas about what our next home will look like in terms of lack of clutter. We'll see if my ideas become reality :)

nikkipolani said...

That darling barn. You should offer it as a b&b :-)