Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Voted Most Valuable Player. Dominic is holding a team trophy for baseball, and apparently he got another award for MVP. My nephew, the athlete, the cutie pie, the natural. He's certainly got the genes for it, with a mom and dad like his.

Bill, and Alison, send me pictures and video clips from their mobile phones. I get to see everything, from treats at the yogurt shop, to swim lessons, video of my nephew hitting home runs, in the garage, and my niece, Marissa, practicing her gymnastics. When our mom is visiting there, I get more shots of the fun, of my northerly family. I love every one... the snow pictures, and the sleeping with the kitties pictures, the talent shows, and sleepy-heads at breakfast. I love that they are healthy, and happy, that Bill and Alison make the time to keep us connected, my mom, too.

I wish I could be there for baseball games and birthdays, for those sleepy-headed breakfasts. I never imagined I would live so far away from my family. It even makes me anxious about my own children... won't we just keep adding rooms, here? These are my MVPs... most valuable persons... family. I miss them.

Thank you Bill, Alison, Delia. Thank you for the glimpses, for the connections, for the calls, and the moments you share with us. I love that you do this.

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Janece said...

There is such a wealth of riches in our family, framily and friends, isn't there? It does seem criminal that we can't hold them all to us close not only in heart but in proximity. Your photos remind me that I want to do better keeping my loved ones more in touch with what's happening in our world and with us.

Congratulations to your nephew, Dominic! :)