Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Children Are Well

Is it too soon?

Every year I find myself without a good picture of the children, to send with a holiday card. But this. This one may be just right. Or... hold on a sec... let me just adjust something...

A daguerreotype, sepia. Yes. This, with a long letter about the summer holidays at the lake house, the children under the watchful eye of their governess, eating treacle tarts, and pony rides over hill and dale.


  1. Too funny! What's the story behind the bedraggled children? Might it involve a water sprinkler or maybe water balloons? If you put a pitchfork in William's hand and a straw hat on Maria it could be Chickenblog Gothic.

  2. Poor dears... it began innocently enough, with squirt guns... then they realized a hose works quite nicely, too. They brought out a box of pvc pipes and really soaked themselves good. This picture could not be more the opposite of their actual mood... the only thing louder than the splashing was their laughter!

    Chickenblog Gothic... I like it. It would be a lot of fun to play ~photo studio~ with props and costumes.

    Happy Canada Day, Miriam and Kim, and all at the Mucky Boots Farm! Anything we ought to consider trying in honor of the occasion?

  3. Oh, gosh - how about cooking some cedar planked salmon while singing The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - in French, of course!

  4. Hi this is Maria.I had fun with the squirt guns!I like the face we made for the picture. Good bye.

  5. Brilliant! I like their daguerreotype expressions, too. Seems required for sepia-toned photos.


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