Thursday, September 12, 2013

Life of Foo

Mister Foo, the feline scholar, comes with us when we bring Max and Maria to their schools.  He likes to sit in Max's arms as we ride to the high school.  Max enjoys his last minute visit with his kitty before his full day. 

Then, Foo sits with me, while Geoff drives to Maria's school.  No driving for Foo... he tailgates.  

In the school parking lot, Maria keeps Foo in her lap, while I brush her hair.  Mister Foo's lips quiver and his whiskers twitch as he watches the crows on the fence.  Sometimes he hops up to the dash for a better view.  

We walk Maria to her class.  We have our hugs and kisses, and make a happy plan for after school.  Back in the van, Mister Foo has taken his accustomed spot, in Maria's booster seat.  

Time to head back home, Washburn Foo.  


nikkipolani said...

Love love love that shot of Mr. Foo on your shoulder. My cats only have one association with a moving vehicle and they'd never voluntarily get in one. But Mr. Foo seems right at home, curious, eager, and ready for whatever adventure comes next.

Unknown said...

Aw, Fooey. <3.