Thursday, September 12, 2013

Three For Thirty :: Day Nine

Summer's light is waning. I notice it in the morning, when I come down to the kitchen... it makes me eager to turn on the coffee machine, make a warm breakfast. I notice it the nights when I pick up Alex from school. It's darker, and darker, earlier and earlier. Maria said, "It's almost your favorite season, Mommy." And Geoff teased, "Soon, you'll be getting ready for AllHallowGivingMas!" It's true. I do love the time of year when the celebrations are around the home, bringing friends and family close for a lark, for thanks, for peace, love, hope, faith, and light.

And now, with my tea, plenty of sewing projects in the works, and more in mind, I get back to the Picnic Quilt, and to the prayers I say, the hopes I hold for the world, for our community, for family, for friends. Sewing for me, at its best, is a peaceful reverie, a meditation. Needle and thread, my mind and heart aligned with my best intentions, and fondest desires. Healing. Peace. Kindness. Respect.

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jk said...

Look at those wonderful projects you have going!! I am feeling the urge to start something... So happy to have stumbled upon your blog. We have begun this wonderful chicken journey - we now have 6 laying hens (although we are still waiting for our first eggs - possibly next month - crossing fingers). Have a great day!