Sunday, September 08, 2013

Three For Thirty :: Days Four & Five :: A Penny Wooden Doll

This is a Penny Wooden Doll. She doesn't have a name, yet. I found her at a yard sale, for one dollar, but she was not dressed.

She was in a kit, with two pieces of fabric, lace trim and a few of snaps, but no directions about how to make her some clothes. Naturally, the Internet has plenty to share about farthing dolls, peg dolls, and wooden penny dolls. I am smitten.

Maria spent the morning wrapping the two pieces of fabric around the tiny doll, then she would show me her latest outfit.

Well, even though I am challenging myself to sewing every day, for thirty days, I hadn't considered making clothes for a little doll. But the idea grew on me, and since I have a cold, and not much pep for more than sinking into the sofa, and watching something wonderful, I decided to forget about patterns and directions, and see what I could do to get her dressed.

The boys set up Victorian Farm House for me. I'd love to have the series on DVD, but we just streamed it on the TV from YouTube. And while the twenty-first century moved into the Victorian age, I brought out my needle and thread, and made a drawstring skirt.

By the end of the first episode, I was adding trim to the hem.

The second episode started, and I was debating whether or not I could make a tiny blouse.

Well, maybe, if I didn't try to make impossibly small, separate sleeves...

A tiny peasant blouse, with pink trim around the neckline.

The cap was the last bit I finished from the tiniest scrap left over. Naturally, I am already thinking of making some pantaloons, and a nightgown, an apron...

I still have a sore throat, fever, a cruddy head, but there are a couple episodes of Victorian Farm House left, and also Edwardian Farm House!

Maria told Geoff, "If you get a lathe and make more penny wooden dolls, I will paint them for you." And I guess I could make a few more outfits, too.


judy in ky said...

Even when you feel crummy you make lovely things! She is adorable. I would love to see more outfits. My mom used to make all my doll clothes, and this takes me back.

Little Messy Missy said...

Very sweet.

Miriam said...

What a perfect thing to do when you're feeling rotten, and what a perfect thing to do with Maria - I can understand how addicting this is!

Jennifer said...

Have you read Hitty, Her First Hundred Years, by Rachel Field? If not, you need to get it right away -- trust me. Also, it will make you feel better! (Hope you are in fact feeling much better already!)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

If this cold won't go away, she'll be better dressed than me!
"Hitty, Her First Hundred Years" is ordered... Maria's birthday?

ArtyZen said...

Lovely! Poor you - hope you feel better soon. You may have guessed but I've taken up Zen doodling in started off as an artistic challenge but now I'm having to limit myself to two squares a day.


Unknown said...

Natalie, so sweet! ...she's going to need a wool coat soon... and some leggings. Feel better!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I am eager to join you, Annie! Your doodles are so inspiring.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you.
You have definitely got my wool gears turning, Lauren!