Monday, December 23, 2013

Five Good Things

We're still all aglow from the good time we enjoyed celebrating the start of winter. Did I mention how generous and thoughtful everyone is? How sweet? Seriously. We do have sweet friends and family. Actually, I think we should have another party so we can share all this great chocolate and toffee, and caramel corn, make some lemonade, serve nuts. Or. Maybe not the caramel corn, because Maria just this month discovered that she loves sweet popcorn. Only sweet popcorn. Me? I try not to discriminate when it comes to popcorn! It's all good. But, otherwise we have plenty to share!

Can we talk about peppermint? I understand, there are mint fans, and there are no-way, mint is for toothpaste contingents. I am a fan. These peppermint sticks are different from any others I've ever had. They are not hard candy... not the brittle, sharp shards kind of candy. Maria and I broke off a piece to share, and we discovered a candy that isn't hard, but it's not soft or chewy, either. I want to say it "dissolves," but that's not exactly the right description. Is this novel? Are there any peppermint aficionados out there, that can give us the low down on peppermints that are light, soft, and uniquely melt in your mouth and carry you away to Christmas past, youthful abandon, visions of sugarplums... something like that? Yeah, pretty darn good, I'd say.

The glass orb beautiful, with it's little garden... the plant is a Tillys... a little air plant. It's the loveliest scene, like an ocean landscape, and it was composed by our friend Robin. It's her first try at making this garden in a globe. I think she has a gift!

Speaking of gifts, perhaps thinking ahead to Valentine's Day, I have to give a shout-out to Lucas Abramson... he's a bona fide entrepreneur and confectioner, and a really dear young man. I've known him since he was just a little guy, and I am so impressed with what he's started: Mother Tucker's Toffee. Taking his great grandmother's recipe, Lucas has started a kitchen business, making and selling toffee. And a percentage of every sale goes to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which I know is a cause close to home for his family. And... for the record: His toffee is delicious!

Good Things...

1. Homemade, & homegrown, and a full home.

2. Potlucks: Everyone brings their best to share!

3. Christmas cards, packages, parcels, greetings, letters, family pictures... all the love coming through the post!

4. Cleaning up after a good party. I cannot figure it, but I enjoy restoring the kitchen while reflecting on the good time.

5. Sitting nearby while a hen is laying... and carrying in a beautiful, warm, blue-green egg.

I hope your days are filling up with good things. Do share some, please!

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Anna Banana said...

1. Advent service at La Jolla prez, the old-fashioned way with brass and percussion and the Hallelujah chorus.
2. Up before dawn in the quiet house, wrapping presents for the princes.
3. Starting a new tradition, Festivus pizza, for the airing of the grievances.
4. Looking forward to a week of casual working: no meetings, no deadlines.
5. Guessing what's wrapped up under the tree.