Friday, December 27, 2013

In The Kitchen

We made gingerbread dough yesterday.  Cut shapes and bake today, I hope.  But for breakfast: breakfast burritos!  Alex and Max are heating potatoes, making Soyrizo, and they have the Siracha ready.  Yesterday we received our first Cuckoo Maran egg... The brown one!  I'm having tea, but we've wiped out the jar of local honey!  Oh woe our suburban trials!  

Have I mentioned... Alex and Max insist that no meals should be served on Christmas Day.  Their energy will come from Christmas joy, and food will only make them sluggish and interfere with play!  This amuses and confounds me, and I'm glad to know them, to hear what matters to them... The solemn, the silly, the uniquely quirky. And perhaps we should have a hearty supper tonight!

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warren said...

If you'll eat it, I will send you some not-local honey...