Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's Christmas Eve

Our tree is dark, and not a bit of sparkle or shine. Mister Foo guards it jealously, but we haven't stopped gazing at it wistfully, and laughing heartily, so that's good enough for me. Geoff is working weekends and late into the night, plus he's dog-sick, but we have a good time when he is home. The children are happy to postpone Christmas for a few days, so we can enjoy a calm, relaxed celebration... it was their idea, and I think it's brilliant. So today, and tomorrow, we can focus on family, meeting friends, connecting, music, and Christmas. Gifts and stockings, and the all-day-pajamas and play festival can come this weekend! Woo-Hoo!

Maybe we'll frost some more window panes. We are going to see light displays, especially our favorite. Maria wants to sing carols... I thought we haven't stopped singing! I think she wants it to be official, with our songbooks. We might bake cookies. I have more crafts I want to dabble with. And I've actually been trying to find holiday cards to send... no success there, but then again, I don't visit many shops. How about a picture of my goats in Santa hats? Caption: The Kids Love Christmas! Maybe, I shouldn't worry about sending cards... friends and family can get an overload of our news, here, any day! I've hardly watched any holiday movies(quite unusual for me), but we have been having Adventure Time marathons! That's where I lifted my latest declaration: I have approximate knowledge of many things. Yes, I am easily amused. Guess that's what makes it so easy to feel really darn giddy, even with our undecorated tree, colds, and missing family. Life is good.

Merry Christmas, friends. And happy holidays, and best wishes, and happy Festivous. I think we can agree, however we celebrate, this a special time of year. Thank you for visiting, for commenting, for sharing... you make blogging a gift.