Friday, December 27, 2013

Only One Egg and A Disapproving Rabbit

Since the hens started laying, we've had no more than two eggs per day.  I'm not impressed, neither is Malcolm Rabbit... Not sure when he's ever impressed, though. Once we are in regular, full egg production it will be more than we can consume, and that's when it gets fun, because we can share with friends.  

Stacy gave us her leftover pumpkins.  I gave this one to the hens last night, and as you can see, they very much enjoy pecking away at it.  Some foods can effect the taste of eggs... no onions or garlic for hens, please.  So, maybe the next eggs will go into a pie?

Yesterday we had everyone out and running around, which is always fun.  Well, fun until the goaters jump into the garden bed and start mowing down the beets and radish greens!  Goats!

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