Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Something Sweet and Foolish For The Ones We Love

Happy Birthday, Mister Washburn Foo!

We cannot be sure of Foo's exact birthday, nor Chango's, but they were both tiny kittens in spring, so we give our cats April, the first day of April, for their birthdays. And it's fitting, I realize, to celebrate cat birthdays, a silly thing, on a Fool's day. Foo is only just one year old, in our estimation. And Chango is fourteen years old. Almost old enough to drive!

Carrot cake! Do I sound a bit excited? I am. I think about this cake all the time, and I remember thinking, next time I make this lovely cake, I will use less oil, add more oats, and switch the walnuts for pecans. And I get happy remembering how good it was the last time I baked carrot cake... and then I am gobsmacked to discover that it's been six years since I last baked one of my favorite cakes in the whole wide world. S.I.X years! How is this possible? It may be that I love this cake so much, that the memory alone fills me with cake satisfaction. It may be that I am getting old. Old-old, like I cannot keep up with how swiftly years are speeding by, and what feels like six months ago, is actually six years ago! Oy.

Tonight we will sing to the cats, who will likely be sleeping, or sitting by the kitchen door, imploring us to let them stay out all night to chase moths, and stalk mice. No, dear kitties. We love you, and so we cherish you, and so we impose our values and desires on you, and insist you stay inside all night and get pudgy 'round your middles, and purr loudly. We will open a can of tuna in your honors, and let you lick the cream cheese from the beater, and cuddle you with effusive affection and endearments. It's going to be great.

Chango Biddy Bongo, our nearly feral, yet resigned to domesticity, dear kitty. Chango El Cubano. It seems, he faces another birthday with some trepidation. Time passes too swiftly, I know, Chango. It's a shock.


Cat said...

Happy birthday to the furry folk. Yes, even cats probably consider age. Maybe not in the, oh, my, I am getting old way, but in the, geez, was that fridge quite that tall? My claws aren't working as well... I can only shred one roll of toilet paper while the family is out. You know, the whole body isn't as 'zippy' as it used to be. But, if they are cats, they probably don't care...


Lady Cordelia said...

OH! Your black cat looks like the twin of ours.
Thank you for dropping in the other day. SO sweet to see you.
Happy Kitty Bdays and Carrot Cake!!! I love carrot cake. I need to find a gluten free one, ; )
(swing by my blog if you want today- I'm having a giveaway.)