Saturday, April 05, 2014

Bird House ~ Barn & Eggs!

... A Farm Visit!

Look at this beautiful picture my cousin, Adriana, shared with me!

When we say we have fresh eggs for sale, or for barter, we aren't kidding! Adriana came by with Araiya and Duke, so they could have a little farm visit.

It only took a couple of minutes for my niece and nephew to warm up to the eager menagerie waiting for them in our backyard, then they were feeling right at home!

Ada and Tasha are always happy to greet visitors.

Gathering your own eggs is a unique offer, reserved for special occasions, and premium tours! I wish I had recorded the sound of delight I heard from Araiya when she spied the nest of eggs!

Just when she started collecting from the nest, Mako hen came in to take her turn laying.

Suddenly, the eggs disappeared! We had to convince Araiya that she could still reach in, and under Mako, to grab eggs. When Araiya isn't too sure, she tells her mom, sweetly, You first. Mako's feather's were not ruffled, and soon enough, Araiya was pulling out very fresh, warm eggs! She found a creamy one, and two brown ones, then a green one, and then she started making color requests! That would be a cool trick if our hens could lay colors by order!

Adriana reached in with her phone and took this great shot. Araiya's all smiles, and Duke... he was on the move the whole time! There are things to be climbed!

After farm "chores," it was time to play in Maria's garden cottage, and for stickers and coloring, too. Maria whispered in my ear, "She's so cute!" And Maria thought it was really funny that Araiya selectively chose all chicken stickers!

We couldn't ask for a sweeter start to our spring break than these visitors to the Bird House.

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