Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Bees of West Virginia

Dear Emily and Warren, thank you. Your package arrived this evening, and it was heavy! Mister Foo loves boxes, and he was as eager to tear through the tape as I was. Thank you for not only sharing your very own back yard honey supply, but sharing such a generous quantity! Everyone here is impressed and grateful... knowing the value of a bee's work, and your family's dedication to the care of those bees, we can't help but feel quite honored to receive this sweet gift.

Our families will meet, someday, I believe. It's such a cool thing that we have connected through our blogs, and our shared interests. It makes me happy that when I talk about the West Virginia family, my own family knows I mean Abigail, Isaac, Warren, and Emily, their bees, their chicks, their projects, and their lives in the Hills of West Virginia.

It wouldn't be right if I failed to make special mention of West Virginia bees! I think they must be extra hard working, industrious bees, because they are making the darkest, sweetest, thickest honey I've ever had the pleasure of tasting! It looks beautiful. Typically, Maria only likes honey in her tea, but after a smidge of a taste test, she asked for a teaspoon of honey to enjoy straight. This stuff is the bees' knees! Please, thank those honeybees for us!

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warren said...

I am so glad you like the honey! I think it is the tastiest stuff I have ever had! And I agree...someday we will all get together and have some good laughs! And eat some honey...