Monday, July 06, 2015

Five Good Things

I do not know where to start I do not know where to end! I could begin anywhere, I have so many things to share, moments, places, stuff we've seen and done. It's been a full, active summer, so far. And, so far there are no particularly grand plans, or too many specific agendas, except: Go, Do, Enjoy. And while Carpe Diem, Mañana, may fit my reality quite succinctly, I am insisting that we Carpe Diem, Hoy!

Good Things...

1. Books, books, books, and making the time to enjoy them. Summer reading, much like spring, winter and fall reading, is full and satisfying. Which reminds me... I need to tidy our Little Free Library. It's packed!

2. Zen Tangles. My friend Annie, over at Being Here, will be tickled to see that we've finally taken the time to dabble in an artistic pursuit that she has been enjoying, and even teaching, for quite some time. I've been intrigued by Zen Tangles, and then really inspired, seeing Annie's progress. One evening last week I shared some of Annie's gorgeous works with Maria, and the very next day we happened upon a wall of supplies for playing at Zen Tangles. We are hooked!

3. One university visit done. And done well. The funny part is that it was for Max, but Maria is the one who is decided and settled, and would happily submit her application this fall!

4. Summer Movie Nights. The big screen, a full house, some things spontaneous, friends, and of course, a movie. First we finished the LOTR trilogy, by watching Return of the King. Last week we watched Moonrise Kingdom. Next up: Lawrence of Arabia.

5. Our weather. Seriously, how will I ever be able to face real summer when the sun finally does shine in earnest? We have had day after marvelous day of clouds, and breezes, and showers, mist, even thunder and lightning! I have never known anything quite like this... not in Southern California. Feels like Waimea, east side. I love this weather!

Maybe I will share pictures from the art studios and gallery we visited, scenes from our day at UCSD, moments we enjoyed at Robin's birthday party. I spent part of my morning editing and formatting 53 photographs! It's nice, really very nice, how a simple snapshot can fill my head with good feelings, happy recollections, new ideas, contentment, gratitude. It's a helpful measure to have these reminders on hand for when managing the other, less shiny, aspects of life, right? It's Monday, again, and maybe you are in traffic, or in your cubicle, there may be a litter box to clean, mail to sort, or some other crisis to face, but I am hoping you have something good to reflect on, reminders of joy, kind company, sights, inspiration, comfort. {I am thinking of all my friends, loved ones, and sending good thoughts, and best wishes for this new week.}


susan said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful summer. I have to check out Zen Tangles - it's the first I've heard of it.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Summer is pretty sweet... let's just leave laundry, dead appliances, etc out of the conversation! lol
We find lots of great examples and guidance for Zen Tangles on Pinterest!