Thursday, July 09, 2015

The Results Are In...

When I told Chango the results of the voting for Favorite Backyard Chicken Blog, he gently reminded me that "There's more to life than awards, and commercial success. There are naps, back scratches, drinking water from the tap, rolling in catnip."

Hazel Nutt Ratty Rat's whiskers twitched thoughtfully, then she theorized that the whole thing was likely a scheme, rigged, probably a fly-by-night operation. Then she asked if there would be a second dinner. "Not to change the subject," she said, "but let's not lose sight of what matters, right?"

"ChickenBlog is not the first, nor the second, not even the third Favorite Backyard Chicken Blog," I told Mister Foo. He yawned, then showed me his belly, which I did not rub, because there's only so many times I'm going to fall for that ploy.

They knew it all along. "Write a Goat Blog!" they advised me. "Goats are trending, and we look so cute," they mentioned, time, and time again. Now, Tasha can hardly meet my eyes, and Ada just shakes her head, and looks at me sympathetically, with pity.

Goats know, I tell you. They just know.

I haven't even told the chickens, yet. There's no ribbon for sixth place. What if they ask to move to another coop, lay eggs for another backyard chicken blogger?? I think it's best if we just hide the newspapers, turn off the radios, and let this news day pass. Some new event is bound to come along, then we can forget all about this little embarrassment. Don't worry. We'll be fine. Really.


angela said...

Well with all those wonderful animals in your life. Who cares what anyone else thinks Enjoy your magical life xx

April, Jennifer, Carol said...

contest schmontest.... you may have not been at the top, but you are my favorite chicken blog. keep doing what you do. -jennifer