Sunday, July 05, 2015

Friday Night Chicken-Chicken-Goat

Do you remember the game Duck-Duck-Goose, and the mush pot? I have to admit, I'd forgotten the mush pot, which isn't surprising since this is a game I have not played since kindergarten. {ohmygosh! Wikipedia is so awesome they even have a simple animation to illustrate how the game is played!} Friday night found us hanging out with goats and chickens and friends, when Amira exclaimed,

"We should be playing Duck, duck, goose!"

Maybe... but shouldn't it be Chicken, chicken, goat??

Of course it should.

Round and round the fox goes... chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken...


Corina and Caia, Maria in the mush pot, Rayna, Matthew, Grant, and Amira is the fox.

Celine on the run!

Well, that was certainly fun! Maybe next Friday we will play Simon Says?

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