Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Día de Muertos y Ballet Folklorico

Maria hasn't been in a dance performance since July, when they danced for a wedding! But she has been rehearsing every week, and learning a new dance, too. Las Alazanas. New dance... new dress!

And here we go! We had to leave Kellie and Michal's lovely anniversary celebration, to get to the community center on time. We were really squeezing in a lot of good stuff last weekend! We managed to return to the party for more celebrating of our friend's first year of happily ever after!

Our first Día de los Muertos festival, and what a fun place to begin! Outside were show cars and low riders, and altars in remembrance of departed loved ones. Also marvelous aromas from the food trucks, and many artists at work. Inside we found craft activities, live music, and happy revelers. We got Maria backstage, and found a place where we could take in the sights.

Mariachi Divinas... such a treat. Que padre.

Elegant and artful, the catrines were out and about.

Las Alazanas :: Maria is in front, to the right, with the white rebozo around her waist.

Los Machetes... the same they performed in June, at the Fair.
Maria is on the right, leading the line to the center.
{Sometimes we wish we brought the good camera... sometimes it's enough just to get there and enjoy the show!}

Emma and Maria, dear cousins, dear friends. And back outside in the bright, bright November sun.

Maria and the catrina... and one more exciting event in a very full weekend!

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