Friday, November 06, 2015

Home Season Moments

Out of the clear blue sky it became winter. Summer. Summer. Summer, then winter. No fall. No autumn. Halloween day it hit 81 degrees Fahrenheit! November 1st? It was as hot as July, and we've become so accustomed to it, unfortunately, that we just carry on, in flip flops and shorts, with only pumpkin-flavored-everything to remind us that this is mid-autumn! But two nights ago a storm blew in, something for us like a Polar Express, chilling cold, with lightning and thunder, and everyone in my FB feed was posting about socks! Cold weather, at last!

And at last we have an excuse to cook, to bake, to wear clothes, to light a fire, to hold hands, and hug friends, to wear our socks {with flip flops and shorts, naturally.} At last, home season is here! I love this time of year, when all things cozy are appealing, like a quilt on the sofa, and hot soup for dinner, like reading aloud by the fire, planning for Thanksgiving, thinking of Christmas, anticipating making special recipes, like Bourbon Pecan Cakes, tamales.

Speaking of special recipes, I am so happy to be baking Dutch Oven Bread, again! I always start it the night before, because it doesn't require kneading, but long hours of rising. One loaf is nice. Two loves is a good start. Three loaves and you can have friends over!

And while it's baking, the house fills up with just about one of the coziest aromas there is.

William was reading aloud, Alex researching for a commission he's working on. Max was nearly done with homework, while I added another crocheted square to my stash, and Geoff was about to walk in the door... and that bread was cooling on the porch. Home season! What else could we add? Lightning and thunder, and big downpours? Yes, please!

I don't even use the Dutch Oven anymore. The recipe works just fine on a cookie sheet.

Alex and I ran errands yesterday, and when we were in the home building store I lost my sense of proportion and order, and actually admitted I'd love to jump in, drink the koolaid and decorate for Christmas! Crazy. I know. But... it's all so pretty, uplifting, sentimental, homey, comforting, shiny, twinkly, sparkly... stop me.

Sorry. It is too soon.

Just for the record: I am on board with all of the love and joy, lights and glitter, home and hearth, loved ones, and daydreaming hopes of this season. And I am on board with goats and chickens, blue skies and fluffy clouds, rotted pumpkins, rain quenched gardens, friends calling, all the sights, sounds, and blessings of home.


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Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you, Jennifer.

Unknown said...

I'm not a homesteader and I live inside town limits that won't even allow me to have a few birds, but I sure get to peek into the beautiful lives of people who get to live this way. Thanks for sharing yours.

Anonymous said...

I bet your hens love eating the pumpkins.