Thursday, November 05, 2015

First Year of Happily Ever After

Happy Anniversary, Kellie & Michal~

And happy celebrating for all of us, when Kellie, Michal and Adam invited everyone to their home for a Happily Ever After party! Their new outdoor entertaining area is complete. Kellie's mom made fabulous landscaping choices, and the kitchen and seating areas were very inviting... so was the delicious food from two caterers!

It was nice to see friends we haven't seen in a while. Hello, Julie!

It was nice to enjoy the happiness of Kellie and Michal, with their friends and family.

It was nice to see some of our very own familia, too! Hello, Vicky!

Carne asada? Beans, rice, grilled veggies, all the fixings? Michal approves!

There is a fire ring {a square, actually} and I imagine in the evenings, when it's lit, this is a fantastic place to be. In the day, we were loving the views. It's so inviting, all of it, and Kellie and Michal!

Neighbors and friends... we have it so good.

William and Michael {I'm wishing I could use emoticons here... a happy face, blowing a kiss, my wordless affection for how happy this picture makes me feel.}

Michael, how would you feel about being in our family Christmas card this year?

Kellie arranged to have an activity area for the children... there was supervision, crafts, face painting, tattoos. Super idea.

Maria loved that she could see Nikita, again. {Cheez wiz, my blog is too big... where is the post from when Michal and Kellie celebrated Holi, and we played with colors? That's the last time Maria and Nikita played together. I cannot complain... we simply have loads and loads of happy celebrations and reasons to post.}

It's Ido and Bex! More friends and neighbors! And have we have been partying!

I am calling this our Album Cover. We aren't sure what genre of music we play, but there's no doubt that it's happy.

More group shots. Is it too late to add a New Year's resolution to my list? From now on, I am going to get more pictures with friends and family. Ido, thank you for taking this one!

And then... then I remembered that I had just polished off two three street tacos, and I became mortified thinking:
I probably have gobs of cilantro in my teeth! And the embarrassment of this realization led to this...

Cilantro check, por favor!

{Yeah, you can dress me up, but you can't take me out.}

After Kellie and Michal thanked everyone for coming, and presented their beautiful cake, we dashed back to our home so Maria could get ready for dancing in a Ballet Folklorico performance for Día de los Muertos. And that was awesome... and then we came back to Kellie and Michal's...

Because we really needed some tattoos! Just kidding. But. Yeah... we totally got tattoos!

Adam got to hit against a pro, his uncle.

I tried to get a good shot of Adam at bat, for Kellie... I think it was her first chance to eat all day! Isn't that the way when you are hosting?

He's ready...

Can you see it? About center, above the full pine tree?

Now headed towards the barn! Good hit, Adam! Just like our weekend... a grand slam!

Kellie and Michal, congratulations! You've found love, made room for change and a new life, opened your hearts to wonderful new possibilities. Everyone is delighted for your happily ever after.

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