Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Great Pumpkins, What a Halloween!

Welcome to the festivities... a soup potluck, with friends and family.
We played games, tricked & treated,
and made ourselves merry with many delights,
and very few frights.

Such a fabulous October sky.

Preparing was fun, making decorations, carving pumpkins, some cooking and cleaning...
but things got even better when guests began arriving.

Chiemi and Maria with our very own great pumpkin!

And more old friends enjoying the night's activities.

This great pumpkin is William's very own creation... from top to breeches!
He made the beautiful pumpkin head, as well as the early 18th century waist coat.

Full of cheer, and unsuspecting, Pikachu!

The Great Pumpkin and Paul, aka the Ghost of Halloweens Past!

Paul, the Ghost of Halloweens Past!
Lucas The Executioner,
and Alex as Jonathan Preest, masked vigilante detective.

And a pretty witch came flying by!

Paul, Corrina, and Anna B~

Maria Medusa, Mason Zombie Hunter, and Amira Pikachu~

Grace Artist and Leo Hermes~

{There's Mim! And I wish I got a better shot of her,
so you could figure out her awesome, puntastic costume!
Hint? Those are Candy Smarties on her genes!

Here is an elegant party...
Celine, Bambi, William, James and Alex~

Celine and Geoff~

Oh, yes, our decorating went high tech this year!
Ghosts, and spiders, skeletons, and Jack O'Lanterns.
Apparitions everywhere!

Hazel Nutt Ratty Rat came as a little jailbird,
and I just had to steal this picture, and others, from Carol's FB page!

Chaz arrived all geared up for play and fun...
he came with Ms Smarty Pants, by the way.

Grace and Carol~

Robin C met Robin H, which was fun.
And both Robins came with yummy treats to share!

I have to include this picture...
I think I was overcome with laughter when I saw Emma and Tom walk in,
and could not hold my camera still!

Everyone agrees: Tom takes the prize!
Emma's dad wins the cool award for bravely entering a party
where he hardly knew a soul, and going all out on his ensemble!

Not just a Candy Land Cutie but a great sport, too!

Another top prize for creativity and DIY skills:
Emma is a Weeping Angel~
Any Doctor Who fans here?
Have you stopped to consider what happens when Medusa and a Weeping Angel lock eyes?

Robin C brought a tray of pumpkin faced deviled eggs,
and Robin H was self-appointed barmaid and hostess with the fun drinks!

The service was excellent!

Just down from Hollywood,
James and Celine are a gorgeous couple
in, or out of, their custom made masks.

The Force is strong here... Matt, James, Nick~

Weee! Here come Ido, Leslie, Simon, Bex and Spencer!

Have you figured it out?

This family did win an actual costume contest...
Ido is a lightbulb. Good idea, right?
And Leslie is a Raspberry Pi, which is simply brilliant.
Hold on... there's more!
Simon is the capacitor and Bex is the diode!
See what they did there?!
Makers rock!

Something for everyone at a Bird House gathering...

Magic The Gathering, anyone?

Grant's Pumpkin Dome, front and center and awesome.

William's cemetery, still beautiful, and inspiring.

So... what would happen if a weeping angel and Medusa were in a staring contest?

Don't blink!

My costume is called What's in the Front Closet?
And I am glad Chaz got this picture of me with my friend Paul.

And Geoff took this great shot.

William, unmasked, and as debonair as ever.
{Another great picture from Carol.}

Here's another picture I am thankful to Carol for...
Gordon's pumpkin and argula pizza!
Potluck. I always say it, and I will say it again...
Good friends make good food, and our parties are always the better for what our friends share!
Thank you, everyone, for your tasty contributions!

Like last year, we had trick-or-treating stations around the yard.
Grant was in his Pumpkin Dome... good ol' Earl of Lemon Grab!
Paul took charge of candy distribution from the barn,
and Candy Land Lady Tom gave away treats from the porch!
Everyone is welcome to trick-or-treat!

Geoff's costume... he was fog master!

He dressed as a mild mannered geek, T-shirt, shorts, the usual garb of a master programmer and tinkerer,
but he was also prepared to thrill us and chill us with a fabulous dry ice show!

We had a blast!

We had a blast right into November!
Ushering in the new month with Exploding Kittens!

Nope. Yup. It was high stakes-action packed-NSFW-all ages welcome-awesomeness.

Grant, Celine, Wames, Alex, and Max~

A Halloween so fun-filled, so magical, tasty, and full of fabulous friends, we are already planning next year's party!

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