Saturday, July 16, 2016

Kitty-Pantry-Zot-Home :: One Hundred Ninety Five Six Seven Eight

A Picture a Day? Not today! Today I am breaking form and posting four moments from this very busy 24 hours...

Neo Cairo Nepenthes had his first check-up. He weighs three whole pounds! He is playful, affectionate, and healthy, and we aim to keep him that way! We love our veterinarian. We love how nicely our thee kitties are getting along.

We found our pantry! Seriously. Sometimes even an organized space falls victim to entropy and neglect, but thanks to a big push between William, Maria and me, we have a restored, and picture pretty pantry, again. What a relief! What a massive effort!

And while we were taking care of kitties, and deep cleaning the kitchen, Max was away for orientation at his new school. First overnight stay in dorm rooms, and lots of familiarizing himself with what's ahead. He even registered for classes. Humanities, physics, Calculus III, more physics? Good news: He likes his schedule. He likes the bedding Maria and I found him, and he'll appreciate the fan we got him, too. The better news: Geoff and I got to join him the next day, and together we could appreciate what's going to work, what he can figure out in time, and what will be alright, eventually. (There won't be quite that much cheering and pep, when classes get rolling, don't worry, mi'jo.)

All in all, I think we are happy to be a Zot family!

(US) The characteristic sound made by an anteater's tongue or by lightning.
Usage notes[edit]
Associated with the UC Irvine Anteaters.

Back home again, and we find all the love and support of Maria, William, Alex, and Bambi, who wanted to welcome Max home with a theme dinner, and everything set up for a night of game playing. That's a peek at the retro-style dinner they planned: Burgers, fries, fancy-frothy pineapple and pomegranate drinks! And a lemon meringue for dessert. Everything was chosen to be favorites and enjoyable for Max, after his new venture.

Can you see why I couldn't pick just one picture? And now... I am going to put up my feet, enjoy the game playing, and breath deep, thankful sighs, because I love all I see, in my heart, and in these pictures.

(Stacy, Diana... my midnight helpline: Thank you. Everyone deserves a support group as understanding, funny, and helpful as ours. I love you, Mamas.)

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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