Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Water and Light :: One Hundred Ninety Two

Water, light, sand, and friends... the beach has everything you need for an agreeable afternoon. For extra enjoyment we brought limeade, crackers, cheese, a ginormous fruit salad, and fire wood.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


GretchenJoanna said...

How late did you stay? Did you get to enjoy your fire in the dark? It sounds - and looks - summer-perfect.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I remember seeing the clock in my car, that we'd stayed right up until Maria's bedtime... 8:30.
We remarked that it was only beginning to get dark. So, the fire was glowing embers by the time we left, and happily other beach goers were able to move in and enjoy the warmth after we left. Maria splashed and frolicked quite a bit, and she built a drip castle. We also did a toy walk... by late afternoon many families have left, and you would be surprised at what they leave behind! We collected two pails, four shovels, and four sand shapers (molded plastic turtles, and castle towers.) This is a regular phenomena and I am always careful to be sure they are genuinely abandoned. Sometimes we find toys on morning walks, too, when the beach is positively empty. We also saw two boogies boards and a beach towel, but we left those for some other lucky treasure hound. We haven't reached scorching summer temperatures, yet, and evenings are kind of nice, because it's still sunny, but not too hot. It was nice.