Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Three Hundred & Thirty Posts About Gatos

According to the archives of CB, I've posted three hundred and twenty-nine times about cats... about Nena, Bongo, Chango, and Diego, about Anna Banana's Patrick El Gato, Benjamin Franklin ThunderCat, and Ferris, Foo, and Neo Cairo Nepenthes. And this post brings the count to 330 posts about kitties, cats, gatos, misifus, muffins of love.



Because they are adorable.

Because they remind us to relax, to trust, to let go.

Because just when we think we know someone, they can show us a whole new point of view, a different side.

Because their antics can be hilarious, and inspire exuberance and wild abandon.

Because whiskers, paws, pink noses, and ruffled manes.

One more post about gatitos, because son tan ensimosos, preciosos, cariñosos.

Even when they grow up and become big gatos, they will make any spot their own, and still be endearing doing it. And precious, and charming, and affectionate, and selfish, and greedy, and rude, and absurd.

Because naps.

Because if you have to stay in bed they will find you, comfort you, distract you, snuggle and heal you.

Because, according to Gretchen, fanny-packs will never go out of fashion!

We have three kitties, and they are dear and weird, messy and tidy, peculiar, predictable, mischievous, smelly, then sweet, wicked, then tender. They make us laugh, give us joy, and we love them.

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GretchenJoanna said...

I hope you don't change your style. :-)