Thursday, July 14, 2016

Two Memes & A Thundering Nerd :: One Hundred Ninety Three

"Stop! Don't move." The gravity and urgency in Geoff's voice was too compelling to disregard. I stopped in my tracks, but had to ask him to clarify, "Did you just say 'danger noodle?' He continued in the same agitated, concerned tone, "Don't move... you are in danger."

Seriously? In the market parking lot? With a cart of cereal and milk? On this comfortable summer evening, in our comfortable suburban town, I am in "danger?" And I hear him behind me fumbling and tooling with something... and then it dawns on me: He's doing it. Geoff is a trainer, a Thundering Nerd Gamer, happily engrossed in his element: Play!

I had to stand still, because there was a Ekans on my @ss. Literally. Or not really, but literally virtually. Here... I'll post the picture, so you can judge for yourselves! And for the record, I would like to add that, Geoff takes my picture about twice a year, more or less. This most unflattering image has been lovingly archived, a precious memory for him to keep.

"Danger Noodle," from the meme of alternate animal names. (I love pant-less thunder goose, and formal chicken,) and of course, the Pokémon Go meme. We're all thundering nerds for something, so I won't get caught up with the haters. Some people need their coffee, then wine, others are all about baseball stats, or Fantasy Football. Whether you are hooked on yarn, or running, crushing candies, or buying shoes... you know you find a happy space, a healthy release when you can play your thing. Get out there, play nice, stay safe, and let your own thundering nerd flag fly!

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Jennifer said...

YES! Games and joy and the things that make us smile! I have to get serious about getting PG on my phone, and getting out there