Monday, November 30, 2020

Bunnies, Rainbows, Kitties, and A Sweet Sixteen

The bunny bed! It's been moved from room to room, and been somebunnie's bed for a dozen years. But I think I am the one who has been the most smitten and enamoured of it. It's got bunnies! So, it's not Suki's, nor Maria's, nor the guest bed, and now Max has decided he'd rather squeeze his mattress on the floor, between the fireplace and the wall, which isn't possible with a bed frame. This is a long history, only to say, It's mine. It's mine! The bunny bed, at last, is mine! Once we had Max's new space figured out, we were stumped about what to do with this bed frame, until I realized that the mattress on the floor of the balcony has been nice but this would be (could be?) a really charming update. And it is. I love it. It just fits, and thankfully only feels cozy and not crowded.

Cairo observed the dismantling of the bed, and naturally he was on hand to help me put it back together. Do cats have a fresh linens sensor? They always seem to know when I am going to make the bed, or change the sheets. In the last picture, Cairo is under the sheet, testing the fit, and in the air are dust motes, because this is a screened balcony, and nothing keeps out the dust, nor the cold. After bedmaking, came vacuuming, and then a deep pile of pillow and blankets, in case anyone is tempted to sleep in 44 degree weather.
I was only testing it out, but Cairo insisted we be thorough in our research.

Rainbows, kitties, and a birthday girl. Geoff hung a prism in the window, and it makes rainbows... lots of them, and they dance on the floor and walls. The kitties were loving the display, and that's why I brought Maria over. She snuggled in, and togther we watched Feynman chase rainbows, Saki watch Feynman, and Cairo watch everything.

Does she look 16 years old? I know. It's a cliche to be in disbelief about the passage of time, about the youngest in the family becoming a young woman, how it feels like only yesterday... Well. I can't believe it. And it feels like only yesterday that she was our Cranbooty, then a fairy derpday princess! Every season, every milestone, each new step with Maria has been a joy, a pleasure for all of us, and we would like to slow everything down, to enjoy today a little bit longer, but we are happy to see all the days ahead, too. We are thankful for the many celebrations we have shared with friends, and family, the themes, and games, fun and surprises. This birthday is a bit quieter, but Maria was no less enthused and thankful, and we had a very good day.
Thank you, Collettas, for adding so beautifully to this day.

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Teresa Kasner said...

*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* Maria! From your blog neighbor to the north in Oregon.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)