Friday, November 20, 2020

Thanksgiving Impromptu Talk

We went on our longest beach walk, yet. I am not boasting about how long it was. I am only saying it was longer than the previous walks. And now I say it, I realize it's hardly a meaningful or even interesting statement to make, and just to bring it down a bit further, I will add... I wish I didn't wear the hard, flat sandals I had on.

Well. That entire bit ought to be deleted. I'll leave it, though. Sometimes, in the interest of transparency and being me, I think it reasonable to be unfiltered. What I actually wanted to bring attention to, rather than my superficial first impression of a lovely evening beachwalk, was the beauty of the light, the way waves gently sweeping up the beach can be so soothing. I'm glad I asked Geoff to catch the sun... so fun to play with perspective. I'm glad the tide was out, that we had room to spread out, and stay clear of the unstable bluff. I'm glad Geoff has been determined to get us out, and to the beach. Sometime during our excursion, someone asked about Thanksgiving. A week away, was the reply, and there were some exclamations, a general sense of amazement-bewilderment-resignation... this year needs new fashioned adjectives, because we have new fashioned reactions to all of these new fashioned experiences. How often we are flumoxed, then shrug our shoulders, and confirm, "Well, that's 2020." Answer: Often.

A few days ago I happened to catch an Instagram Live segement from Black Food Folks, which they called "Thanksgiving Impromptu Talk." It was just two people talking about Thanksgiving and food... cooking, eating, traditions, expectations, what's great, what's a hard pass. Adrian and Clay covered it all, and I was riveted, and thrilled. They were serving up just the thing I've been missing... impassioned views on the things that matter to us around the Thanksgiving table. It made me tearful, and I laughed aloud, and I feel oh so thankful to them for sharing this subject. I even blogged about this before, about how much I love to hear people defend their stand on what makes Thanksgiving good, correct, best. It's as true for me as ever, "my own Thanksgiving isn't official until someone has shared an impassioned anecdote about their favorite green bean recipe, or the best mashed potatoes!" (I do believe I've just quoted myself. Is that tacky?) And the talk Adrian and Clay shared gave me that special and favorite flavor of Thanksgiving; something harder to stumble upon when one is staying home... because, you know: 2020.I have a lot of views on, and affection for Thanksgiving, including what and why I celebrate, and the best "kids" table ever. This Thanksgiving, with little choice, I will say, I am thankful for all the celebrations we have enjoyed before... when we could make a big fuss, and gather from near and far, when we could enjoy being together, sharing, and celebrating our love, our lives, and I can't deny it's bittersweet to say so. I wish... well, I know things will be better.

I am tempted to continue the Thanksgiving Impromptu Talk and ask everyone What makes your Thanksgiving dinner good, correct, the best? Is it Stove Top stuffing? Turkey vs Ham? What is your vegan maincourse? Marshmallows on sweet potatoes? Are you in it for the turkey, or are you like Adrian, and in it for sides and dessert? I love the sides. I love it all, and I love love love listening to people talk about all of it.

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