Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Wild Day

Friday was a busy day, a *Wild* day.
"Wild" was the aptly chosen theme of Alex's 12th birthday celebration. We started with a breakfast out with Geoff, then we sent him to work and we went to the vet with Benjamin F. Thunder Cat. Kitty checked out well and survived his booster shot. Our next stop was at Daniel's for Alex's haircut. Max was going to have his haircut too, but when he described the kind of cut he wanted ("I don't want it to have a shape, and I want it to stay the exact same length it is now,") Daniel wisely suggested a no-cut haircut. While Alex's hair was cut, Max sang and Maria danced.

When we got home we prepared for the evening's festivities by baking a wild chocolate-raspberry cake, and cooking enchiladas. There was also a little cleaning to do, naturally. Let's cut to the good part: Tamysn, Nicholas, Adam and Jacob came to our house to meet Ben the radical reptile dude. Ben is an old friend of my brother Bill, and he LOVES creepers, crawlers, slitherers, hoppers and other atypical pets. He brought some of his special collection, including hissing roaches, a hedgehog, a huge scorpion, a tarantula and several snakes. We got to hold, or pet or observe all of the above and more. It was Wild!

Alex actually turns twelve tomorrow. It never hurts to start the celebrating early.

Max did not shy away from any of the creatures that came to visit. He even held giant cock-a-roaches, and this boa-constrictor.

We didn't skip school, we just shifted it to an evening class and invited a guest speaker. I think we all learned some interesting new facts.

I think there were more volunteers to hold the big snake than anything else. But the tarantula, for me, was the most surprising discovery. The tarantula felt light and delicate, like barely being brushed by a downy feather. I even convinced Anne to let the hairy, eight legged beast crawl across her hands... I think she agreed: It's not as bad as you might imagine.

The Wild theme was for fun and amusement. We had crazy straws and pop rocks, paper crowns and a cake that looked like it was tossed by monkeys. Alex may be a year older but he's just as sweet and bright as ever. He was eager to see all his friends and to share a good time with everyone. He put a lot of thought in to the details of the party. He had a very good time. He hopes his friends had fun too.

After everyone left, when leftovers were stored and the house was quiet, Alex, Max, William and Geoff dragged pillows and blankets out to the screened tent in the yard. They took a flashlight and "The Hobbit." Maria and I stretched out on the sofa, near the garden door, where we fell asleep listening to crickets and night birds, and Geoff reading aloud. The wild day was through... do you want to see more pictures?


Tarie said...

Wow, that was a lot of fun. =) =) =) Belated Happy Birthday to Alex!

Natalie said...

It was fun. I enjoyed it as much as the children. It's such a treat to enjoy new experiences.

Thank you for sending Alex a happy birthday. He's been having a good time.