Saturday, June 17, 2006

Tell me: Who here likes irony? I've got a good one...

We give up the fight, and sign on to live in Bob's house for another 4 months. After 3 months of futile searching for a rental, we quit, and enjoy our first day free of classified ads. There is a house for rent across the street; it's available for immediate occupancy, as of last night. Okay. I'm done.

We saw the Pixar movie "Cars" last night. We laughed. NASCAR is a foreign country to me, but Pixar animation, story writing and humor is universal. We all loved it. Vrrrmmm Vrrrmmm

You might not think Geoff is working as much as he is, because of how much fun we've been having lately. He's only home 12-15 hours per week, but we have been making the most of his time. Today we were at Legoland (I can hear my cousin Steve: 'I read Chickenblog... you guys go to Legoland a lot, don't you?') Legoland is awesome. Geoff and I were always Lego fans, and now we have three boys that are practically engineers and a daughter that is definitely interested in sorting and stacking, so let's face it, we belong at Legoland! They are opening a new theme area... Lego's founder acknowledged that Lego bricks were only the third favorite plaything of children; balls and water are the second and first favorite playthings of children. Last summer the park opened mini-golf, and today they introduced a pirate themed water park. If water is your favorite thing to play with, then you would love the splashing, soaking, run around, creative activities we saw today. Next time I go, I'll be in my board shorts...

Every boat equipped with 4 water canons: Sweet!

There was no way to stay dry… water was pouring, spraying, sloshing and soaking everywhere. It was beautiful to hear and fascinating to witness. Everyone wore expressions of surprise and delight.

Even little mateys were welcome to soak up the fun. This cushiony area was loaded with squirters and pools, fountains, and even bouncing swings to sit in and ride over the puddles.

This may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship: Alex introduced himself to Legoland’s president, and Max did too. Alex and Max were completely thrilled; they thanked John for the new rides and for special treats, they told him all about their favorite themes and what they like to do with their Legos; their designs and creations. John asked them questions, shared his favorite themes, and finished by giving Alex his business card, saying “My email is right here. Write to me anytime.” Very nice.


Tarie said...

So much fuuun!!!!!! =D =D =D

I have to say, I am envious of all the fun your family always has. I need to go out and have more fun!

Belated Happy Fathers' Day to Geoff. =) How was it? =)

Natalie said...

We are having fun. I think you have fun too; your picture shows a woman who laughs freely, so I bet you don't have to go out of your way to enjoy life.

Tarie said...

Awww, thank you Natalie. =D