Monday, June 12, 2006

Sing "Happy Birthday" to Alex. He's 12 today.
He likes Lego bricks, robots, frogs, drawing, cooking, body surfing, riding his bicycle, reading, playing Oblivion, guavas, gardening, and camping. He lost two teeth this week. He wants to go to Monterey Bay this summer, see the movies "Cars" and "Pirates," and read more books like, Eragon, by Christopher Paolini and The Golden Compass, by Philip Pullman. His favorite color is blue, like the ocean in Hawaii. His favorite food is still stuffed French toast, "It hasn't changed." He likes Legoland, building towers from blocks, and sleeping outside. He wants to take more cooking classes.

He's fun to be with; his attitude is bright and caring. He helps and inspires. He is dedicated, responsible and considerate. His humor is spontaneous and intelligent. We love this wonderful boy.

Here's the first Soquel baby... baby George lives with Bill and Alison, and I have the feeling he'll be in for a rude awakening when his baby brother is born in September.

He looks like a big honey of a cat. I look forward to meeting him someday.

June is a birthday month. 3 birthdays were being celebrated this weekend, when Bill, Alison, Gretchen and Hans went to Oregon and saw Delia and Ron. Looks as though they had a good time. Happy birthdays Mom, Hans and Bill!

This morning on the phone:
Dave (prospective landlord): What can I tell you?
Me: Can we bring pets?
Dave: What do you have?
Me (lying): We have a rabbit and a cat.
Dave: No. No. A rabbit will eat all of my flowers. The whole garden will be destroyed.
Me: Actually, he's in a cage.
Dave: What else?
Me: The cat.
Dave: Are you interested in getting rid of it?
Me: No... I think we'll look elsewhere... thanks...
Dave: How about more rent?
Me: Raise the rent month to month for 1 cat?!
Dave: Yes.
Me: No. We'll find something else. Thank you. Good-bye.
Dave: Well, I have to tell you: You are not what we are looking for. You are not a good fit.


Janece said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Alex!

I have family in Monterey Bay. I spent a couple different summers living there with them. It's a great place to visit - I don't blame Alex for wanting to go.

Paul & I were completely taken with His Dark Materials. Have you heard they are trying to make it into a movie? It's hit some bumps in pre-production. Hopefully, when it gets to it, they do it right!

Conversation with the prospective landlord, Dave? Lame. :s

Tarie said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Alex. =) He sounds great!!!

Natalie said...

Tarie, you were looking for suggestions for what kids (big kids too, I suppose) are reading... do you know the Dark Materials series? We are waiting for the movie, but we hadn't heard about the delays. I agree, better *good and late,* than *early and lame.*

Alex and Max want to go to Monterey, me too. There may be a road trip coming... now watch gas prices ^