Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We were with Deanne and James, and little Sam. Max is seen warming up their new mini-bouncer. Alex, Max and Maria had a blast loosening its springs; I hope they didn't wear it out. Geoff and I had a blast inhaling Deanne's mango margaritas... those go down a little too easy! It was a Sunday afternoon that gently slipped in to evening, everything relaxed and with a beautiful sunset to keep all mellow and warm... or was that those margaritas?... it was all good.

Sam. Isn't he a charmer? You should see him in action. He's all affection and enthusiasm and everyone loves him.

And here are the Amazing Bouncers!
Technically it's still spring, but I can feel summer coming.


Janece said...

Ah ha - the infamous mango margaritas. ;)

Maria is so photogenic - such a gorgeous girl. Actually your entire family is!

Summer hasn't hit here yet. Looks like this year's summer won't hit until after the 4th of July. That's okay though.

Tarie said...

I agree with Janece, your whole family is gorgeous! =)

Natalie said...

Mango margaritas are delicious, but not an advisable means of getting your 5 fruits a day..LOL

Thank you. I woke up and found all these kind comments; it's such a boost. Someday we'll get Amira and Maria together; onlookers will assume it is a photo shoot for *Brilliant Beauty Magazine!*