Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Day Dreaming

We built a boat and painted it, but I think we may paint it again when the season changes... just for fun. It's bigger than it looks.
It has 6 rooms, an office and a sewing room. The kitchen is amazing.

We've loaded our seaworthy vessel with essential provisions: 3 computers, a sewing machine, two cats, a bunny, some cups and plates, swimsuits, maps, charts, a compass, some sweaters and sunblock etc. We'll pick up some live chickens somewhere in the South Pacific. We'll be in the Pacific Northwest in time for berry season and the Salmon Festival in Coos Bay.

With our children safely aboard and our hearts full, we have left our dock and we are heading out to sea.

We leave behind the crowded shores, congested streets and busy harbors.

We feel good, eager, optimistic. The sea air is invigorating.

Now is the time to fulfill our dreams and face new challenges.

If we should find a little place on some distant shore, a place both quaint and ample, we may stop and move in, make it our own, grow a garden, give the chickens room to roam.

In the meantime we'll putter around the planet, take in the sights, and revel in our joy.

I will continue to blog, of course, and sew and read aloud to my children. I will still make hot tortillas, and take lots of pictures.

We will live free and with the open sea, by our wits and with the wind at our backs... until we run out of Joe-Joes.


kimberly sherrod said...

Is there room for me & Fred & Sadie? Maybe you can pull our small aqua & red houseboat behind you? Potted geraniums on my bow...aprons fluttering in the wind....what happy contented faces everyone has!! No time wasted dusting or doing laundry- it'll still be there sister!

Natalie said...

Excellent plan... look for us after hurricane season, then we'll sail around the Caribbean for Christmas! Yo-ho, yo-ho-ho-ho!

nikkipolani said...

Hot tortillas sound fabulous! Everyone looks like they are ready for a great relaxing time. How can you NOT have fun?

Tracy said...

Looks like happy days--enjoy! :o)

Natalie said...

Just shows what 2 hours on a rented boat can do for you! We did have a lot of fun.

Mary said...

Oh I just love this post so much. Every last word. What a grand adventure!

Tarie said...

The ocean really is invigorating! Why don't you guys plan a real vacation on a boat? A week living in a boat house perhaps or... Next time a sailing trip instead of a road trip. :D