Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Finish Line

I added the last stitch yesterday afternoon. Of course I'm not sure it should be the last stitch. After looking at all the doll quilts at "Doll Quilt Crazy" and the ones that have been getting posted from "Doll Quilt Swap," well, I am feeling very insecure. Very, very insecure. Like maybe I should start over, or maybe I should invent a time machine and try again to make a go of it at the first quilt I tried. Maybe I should do more hand quilting... It's not that I don't appreciate what I've made. It's just that the other quilts, the dozens and hundreds of little quilts out there, are so amazing. Truly, the blogosphere is full of talented, skilled, inspiring and generous quilters.

It's amazing, all the thoughts that go through my head while I am hand quilting. I think about the colors and the patterns and each stitch going in and out of the fabrics. I think about Grandma Nancy and Wisconsin. I think about all the quilts I've made before. For this one I thought about the person I made it for, her likes, and interests and I hoped I was making something she would recognize and accept. I hummed "Mariposa."

When we put so much of ourselves into our little quilts, it's no wonder we second guess ourselves, have doubts, feel a bit hesitant. It won't be easy to send it away. Pamela, my swap partner and I were discussing this very point, when I shared my Doll Quilt Swap Visitation idea. I suggested we periodically post pictures of the quilt our partner so lovingly labored over, so she can see what her quilt has been up to. It's a bit nuts, but that's Okay. I shared with her that Spicy Chicken is loved by the whole family, especially Maria. She loves the doll quilt and being only 2, she naturally assumes that all lovely things are her own. We've been playing a gentle tug of war, and whenever she finds where I've put Spicy Chicken, she embraces it and says, "Oh, mine! Thank you. Thank you. Pretty-pretty."

My doll quilt must be pretty good. It must be ready to go to its new home. If a cat claims a quilt, like Hallie cat claimed the one Pam sent me, then it must be a sign that is done, and ready to share.


kimberly sherrod said...

can't you just send me an email with a picture attached? I am dying to see it! It looks beautiful from here!
I think that it's funny how we all get nervous and insecure about our own work- I always think that something, someone else has made is going to be better than what I made! I think that the more you make the better you get and you should never ever let those insecurities stop you from creating. Fear is the mind-killer- remember (Dune by Frank Herbert) anyway- I haven't even started mine yet! yikes! when is the mail date?

Tarie said...

I'm sure your quilts are nice, Natalie! :)

Tracy said...

You will be posting a full pic of your quilt, right? Soooo longing to see it! If it's stitch with love, it's always beautiful! ((HUGS)) I've been wanting to try a mini quilt, but the prospect of working on such a small scale does have me nervous! But where there's a needle, there's a way I guess--hehehe :o)

Natalie said...

Tracy from what I've seen, you are more than capable of making a lovely doll quilt.

My *duh* moment came from not thinking enough about the scale and I think I cut the pieces too big... I was enamored of the print and focused on the quilting and lost sight of the small scale that is key to a doll quilt. As soon as I have it mailed to my secret partner I will post full evidence.

Thanks for your hugs.

I must say: It sure is wonderful getting comments!

Mama Spark said...

I can't wait to see your quilt. I felt just as insecure as you are feeling right now and look how it all turned out for Spicy Chicken! She is with a great home!! I love that you proposed the photos of the visitation. Great idea, yep, yep.

tea time and roses said...

Hey Natalie...

I know the quilt is lovely, and cannot wait to see it in its full glory!