Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Quilt's in the Mail

I think the surprise is still safe if I reveal the quilt and not the recipient, right?

This Butterfly quilt is on its way to its new home. It is machine pieced and hand quilted, and in the label is a little extra something.

Of course I hope she likes it, because that's the whole point isn't it?

I encourage everyone to seek out the rest of the Doll Quilts and admire all the time and care that went into these mini masterpieces. I am in awe. And like any true quilter, bit by the bug, I want to try another. I keep seeing new ideas and hoping to improve my methods and choices... there's so much to learn! At the beginning of this venture I came across Marisa's 'garden windows' quilt and found it irresistibly inspiring and early on I thought about using the pattern for a doll quilt.

Before leaving on our road trip I started the cathedral windows quilt and loved the results. It was challenging and intricate, but the results seemed worthwhile. I especially loved that it could be done completely without a machine... a bonus when camping and driving for 9 days. Patience is not one of my stronger suits, but I was being particularly meticulous with this, and I even started over when things didn't match-up satisfactorily.

With cathedral windows there are a lot of opportunities for things to not match-up. There are many corners and folds and details that can go terribly wonky and it tried my patience constantly, still it kept looking so unique and it was fun to pursue, because the reveal was so fun. But eventually its weaknesses were overcoming the overall appearance.

I felt attached enough to the concept theoretically, but it wasn't looking like something good enough to give away, know what I mean? I realize I didn't take a close-up of the trouble spots. See where the fabric rolls to the point of the arc? Well, when it wasn't at the raw edge it finished nicely, but at the raw edges it could not roll and hide the fraying threads, so that half of the points were ragged and sloppy looking... not for lack of patiently trying to ease the fabric and make teeny-tiny little stitches to hold it all together. Part of me wants to finish my 'first draft,' so I may be pestering Marisa for some advice and guidance.

My friend Anne felt she was too busy to sign up for the Doll Quilt Swap, but she did get inspired. Now her much loved Patrick El Gato, has a comfy, made with love, quilt all his own. Doll quilts are so much fun... little reflections of our time and love.


Anna Banana said...

Che bella! Hey, thanks for the DW alert. Our 2 DWs came tonight. They love the Tobster!

Tracy said...

The quilt is fantastic! And its new owner will love it! I love the butterfly fabric and the red, yellow white theme throughout. Your cathedral windows is wondeful too. I love those little butterflies "peeking" out here & there...I've not tried this windows technique before, you give me encouragement that it's not so intimidating after all! After admiring all the doll quilt being made everywhere of late, I'm greatly inspired & moved by all the loving stiches that go into these little wonders, and must give it a try...Another summer project, I think! Happy Weekend to you & yours! :o)

Janece said...

You did a lovely job, Natalie. I love the warm colors.

Natalie said...

Friends are such a blessing. Thank you for the quilt praise.

kimberly sherrod said...

Natalie- I love the cathedral windows and maybe you could embellish with buttons or yoyo's over the frays- maybe you can do what I do and take a cut out of a fabric buttery fly and sandwich it with batting and backing with another fabric butterfly and then sew them around and then sew them to the spots that you want to detract attention from. Tiny buttons would also work. I think trying new patterns that challenge us helps us to become better seamstresses. I loved the pictures of olivera street- I wish I could see all the stalls of goodies- and I loved the dresses- are those for holidays or everyday wear? Thanks for the lovely pictures of the mural- so beautiful!

Tarie said...

Hello, Natalie! I like butterflies. :) The quilt really looks like it was made by a mother, and of course I mean that in a good way. :)

Tarie said...

The image in my head is if you were my mommy and you made that quilt for me... Whenever I would miss you I would hug the quilt and cry. That quilt makes me feel nostalgic.