Monday, July 09, 2007

I Blog, Therefore I Link
Lately a lot of bloggers have been traveling, and they've been posting good stuff from their adventures. Even though I am barely recovered from my last trip, these women are inspiring me to get back out there again! Europe perhaps, like Sabine, at "Cats and Quilts." She has several posts about her travels, including some sketches she did while in Paris. She lives in Belgium, and I often find nice posts at her blog, like stuff about cats, and quilts.

Speaking of cats and quilts, it seems Benjamin Franklin Thunder Cat approves of my second try for the Quilt Swap.

One more cats and quilts link: Go meet Madie Moonshine Madie-gascar, she's at "Happy Things."

Tami, a fellow Californian, has been in Scotland, with Nessie. I enjoy the posts I find at "Lemon Tree Tales." I keep meaning to brew some tea, then sit down for a relaxing read, so I can I appreciate all of the lovely details and pictures from her trip.

The next post I wanted to share actually came from another blogger, Marisa of "Quilt Otaku." She was posting about podcaster Annie Smith of "Simple Arts." I was delighted to discover that Annie Smith not only has great quilt help, she also has excellent Central California travel tips and suggestions... for food and quilts! Scroll down to her 07/07/07 post. I can't wait to check out some of her suggested stops.

If you'd like to see something besides other people's fabulous travel diaries, I have two offerings:

First I would like to point you in the direction of Kim's "Creative Blogs". She features other people's creative blogs. It's really very sweet of her to share all the talented and interesting blogs she discovers, and because she has a decent readership, I am sure other bloggers really appreciate the positive light she shines on their blogs. Go there to find inspiring, creative people, like Joe, the scrap-book guy.

One last suggestion... How About Orange? Yes, "How About Orange?" I go there periodically and I always seem to find something fun to do or think about. She posts lots of amusing "Time-Wasters" like this Logo quiz. And she's also talented, so it's fun to see what she's been up to.

Now, a word about Chickenblog: Labels!
They are in the sidebar now and, unless our server is still being annoying, they should link to all posts of the same category. That's 890 labeled posts all orderly and tidy. How rare and sweet and wonderful. It's Geoff. He is the best, and I love him and his sweet skills.

First playdough, then water colors, then pens and paper... and it was all too much.


Mary said...

Didn't you love the scrapbook guy?! And I also found How About Orange a while ago - love it there!

And what a cutie - that's how I feel at my desk right now. She looks like a CEO, writing on company letterhead at her big oak desk. In a diaper. :)

Anna Banana said...

Anne and her friends do weekend cat blogging. Scroll down and see!

Natalie said...

Maria, CEO. It fits.
I saw the cat blogging and it was even my intention to include it! but it slipped my mind. You turned my attention to her blog the other day, right?
We had turkey tacos. Mmmm... tacos.
Where are my manners?
Mary meet Anne.
Anne this is Mary.
You two have local eating ambitions... you both inspire me.

nikkipolani said...

What a great entry, Natalie - I'm off to meet all your traveling friends :-)

Tarie said...

It's awesome that you have such a creative little girl. She obviously takes after you. :)