Sunday, January 27, 2008

Everyday Life 30 :: 21

Maria's corner. Her starry lights hang over her "bunny bed." I painted the salvaged furniture last Summer, and now she has a place to stash her books, Mr. Potato and her dancing accessories. Today her baby doll and the baby doll's "mommy doll" are tucked in under Geoff's birthday quilt. She likes her space.

If everything holds together down at the office, if the game doesn't irrupt or implode, there is a very good chance that Geoff will be home all day. Home. Well, almost home. We are cleaning today, and he went to get a storage solution for some Lego bricks, so he is at the home improvement store. He just called to tell me that lumber is affordable again. I love the smell of 2x4's, the hope of construction, the dream of a home of our own.

It's a soft day. It rained and blew all night. We are sorting and dusting and putting away all the things that wander from shelves and drawers. Later we will go to Holly and Rich's, to play with Nick and Izzy. Nothing feels rushed or harried. A lot is getting done, and my thoughts wander, dreamily. What a very soft day it is... I cannot say whether it is the light, or the air, or the notions that cross my heart and mind.

Whimsical notions, like following rainbows.

And look at this magic that just arrived in my mailbox.


nikkipolani said...

I recognize your handiwork in that pretty banner :-) I love Maria's corner - she is one fortunate girl to live with so much creativity around her.

Jennifer said...

Maria's special space is magical, and I am delighted that Mr. Chicken gets to spend some time home, with his family! Well, Geoff might really not want to be called Mr. Chicken -- it doesn't quite look right in writing and made me think of Don Knotts, but you know what I meant!

Tracy said...

That rainbow is magical! I just love rainbow. Where we used to live we had big sky views and had lots of rainbows. Being at the coast now, we get half rainbows...But even some rainbow is better than none! ;o) Love Maria's corner--so sweet! Love her twinkly star ligths. She'd love the heart twinkle lights that cheer my work room. Oh, and I adore your baby quilt from your last post--sweetest fabrics. You are a wonder, Natalie! Happy week to you all ((HUGS))