Friday, February 01, 2008

Everyday Life 30 :: 26

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Yeesh. Yesterday was not pretty. Nothing tragic. Nothing major. Just the everyday setbacks that can topple an empire or make a mom feel grossly incompetent.

Alex has been doing battle with a virus that leaves him lethargic, gives him congestion and a sore throat. And even though his good friend Mitchell does have strep throat, Alex was given the "all clear" when I took him to the doctor Wednesday. For good measure the doctor added, "Well, seeing he has been sick for a week and no one else has gotten sick, I don't believe he's contagious." Oh Lord... has ever a more fate-tempting statement ever been uttered?

Up all night, writhing and suffering, William is sick now too. And, he does not want to be seen.

And Max is sick. He does not want to be seen. Building an army of Lego knights is helping him pass the time while he feels "horrible."

Maria does not appear to be sick, but she is moody and tender, which is an early warning sign, I believe. Also, she did not want her picture taken, and is satisfied to close her eyes to avoid detection.

Maria is passing the time writing letters and delivering them to everyone.

And I am sick. Ugh. My eyeballs hurt, and so does my head and throat. Ugh. Sigh. Moan.

My happy distraction has been sketching and stitching, so now I have a little rooster, that I would love to add to a quilt some day.

Maybe it will be a sampler quilt, with embroidered vignettes, favorite themes, and favorite colors.

On the good advice of my friend Pamela, I am going to sit back and enjoy this whirlwind time in my life. It may have its challenges, but it is fleeting and good, so I don't want to miss any of it.

Oh! One more thing. I am enjoying some small amount of satisfaction in saying "I knew it, and I told them so," regarding the economy and the housing market. And I love it when someone else has the time to write about the stuff I am thinking." Of course my pleasure is limited to anticipating the down-turn, the ride itself will not be enjoyable. It's difficult to foresee all of the possible affects.
*edited 02/02/08
Someone thinks I am being too vague about my opinions on the housing market/economy. So, for clarity:
1. We rent. This has been painful and we have been ridiculed and ostracized for not drinking the Kool-Aid.
2. We have been waiting for this Bubble to burst. We have been anticipating what we saw as an inevitable economic downturn.
3. We shared our concerns with many.
4. I am sad and sympathetic. I do not take any pleasure whatsoever in anyone's strife, anguish or suffering.
5. I hope that when the easy-money, free-for all is over, we will be able to buy a reasonably priced house to call our own.
6. I hope that every real estate agent, counselor and landlord that ever guffawed, laughed or heckled me is enjoying the ride that would, "Never, ever happen."


nikkipolani said...

Oh, you poor things. I hope you all get rested **hugs**

Natalie, I hear you on the housing market thing. A co-worker here is facing some grim circumstances. Over-extended because her husband wanted a new house. And then a change in their work situations. Now they can't afford to sell the house.

village mama said...

Wow, already day 26! I've been loving coming here daily...will you stay the course?

Coughing, fevers and sinus pain here too...gotta go blow a nose.

Happy Weekend Natalie.

campbellgirl said...

Natalie, please, please, please don't leave embroidery needles in the fabric where you are working! Rust spots happen while you're not looking and it would be a real shame to ruin your work. (Been there, done that, grimace)

Hope you all feel better soon. Cheers, Diane

Anna Banana said...

Sending you virtual Nyquil and hugs!

Oiyi said...

I wish you and your family a speedy recovery.

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales said...

Winter colds are the worse. Here's hoping that homemade pizzas work their magic and make everyone better. :-)

Isn't the housing market outrageous! If you think soCal is overpriced, you should see the prices up here in the bay area. Fortunately our area still seems to be holding steady but of course if we have another tech bust then we'll probably see big problems.

We didn't buy into the whole kitchen re-do. First, too expensive, but more importantly it just doesn't seem to make sense to have the type of kitchen that's found in mansions in a 3 bedroom suburban family home. We just primered and painted the ugly 70s cabinets. Voila' .. new kitchen. Yes, we had to get new appliances because the old ones were broken. They were the original goldenrod 70s ones too. But we went with the much more economical white appliances. They look fresh and are much easier to keep clean than the industrial steel look.

We gambled when we bought our house three years ago, but we don't have children so it's easier to make those decisions. If things go bad then we won't be uprooting little ones. So I think that you guys are being wise in your decision to wait. Plus whenever you are ready to get one you'll be in a buyer's market.

And hopefully they'll make some changes to the loan industry. I worked for a small loan office for a few months. Wow, can I tell you how crooked that industry is. Outright lies being made left and right. And supposedly in the state of California they bear a fiduciary responsibility to the people getting loans. Yeah, right. If you believe that you'll also be interested in the ocean adjacent property in Beverly Hills. LOL

Hope you guys feel better soon and are enjoying what's left of the weekend. :-)