Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Everyday Life 30 :: 23

My thoughts are too rough around the edges, still taking shape. And, as this is not Wordless Wednesday, I think I should offer you some links.

1. Music. Sweet music. If you live on the East Coast you have many options for seeing Daniel Littleton and Elizabeth Mitchell in concert. The rest of us will have to settle for this little studio performance.

2. Humor.

This was a little something we amused ourselves with last week.
Maybe it works... he's been home 3 nights in a row! Now that he's home, we may have more time to play together, but we should not get addicted to TETRIS, again!

3. Nice Blog. There are so many.
Recently I have been enjoying the beautiful photographs at "Sallad Says..."

This one falls in the category of: "Sigh. She's Doing What I Wish I Were Doing." It's a mixture of admiration and envy that applies to anyone with their own home, chickens, a garden, or the motivation to effectively, successfully pursue their dreams.

And, speaking of pursuing dreams... I just love Laura Jane's stories. She is an interesting woman, doing interesting things.

4. Invest. When my check comes I may invest here. I am not sure it's what our President has in mind for saving our economy, but it suits my ideals.

5. Thinking of Phil, Bill, Hans, Gretchen, Alison: This Fatty's for you! OKay... I don't know if it's a good one or not, but it is nominated for a Bloggie.

Now back to my own thoughts, and debating whether or not to shower before I go to the gym.


nikkipolani said...

Natalie, what a pretty setting of succulents. I often see handsome arrangements, but can't replicate them. I'm missing that design gene. Thanks for the linkies to discover :-)

Laura Jane said...

Ohh, Natalie, thankyou for the compliments (blush, literally blushing)

I'm loving your Everyday post series. I look forward to seeing your work every morning (for me)

big hug

Tracy said...

I am just loveing these everyday posts so much, Natalie! The succulents are wonderful. I have a money plant, which I think is a succulent relation. Lots of good stuff here today--thanks for all the great links! Happy Day, my friend. And thank you so much for you lovely email :o) ((HUGS))

village mama said...

You A-R-E living QUITE an interesting life yourself if I may say so.

xo Village Mama