Saturday, February 02, 2008

Everyday Life 30 :: 27

He's no groundhog. He didn't have a shadow. And seeing him amidst all of this clover, one might assume it is Spring!
It's not very well focused, but he was darting and flitting before I could adjust the lens, and even if the image is not very good, the memory it evokes is.

Our first 2 Pizza Nights were well underway, before Geoff could get home. He never got to contribute his own unique recipe. Last night was different! He was home soon enough to help chop tomatoes and zucchinis, to set out the cheese and put a fresh cloth on the table. Max got some advice about his latest Lego creation, which he hope to make fly. Geoff was home in time to show me that it really is possible to roll out a thin crust pizza. And I had to zip-it when I began objecting to Swedish meatballs on the pizza... and by the time Geoff and Maria were popping marshmallows on top, I knew better than to say anything at all! And I thought I was the Weird one. Two nights of experience gathering perfect ingredients and mastering the dough is nothing compared with natural pizza intuition. I bow before greatness.


  1. Rolling out pizza dough? Please come over for a lesson in tossing the pizza dough. You place the flattened dough on your knuckles and toss with a spin. Do this about 5 times and you will have thin crust. So far this is a talent of the Italians in the family. My dough ended up being used for calzone.

  2. Have I not told you that you were perfectly sane? There's the proof!

  3. Did the unusual combinations get eaten? Our own list of toppings is pretty conservative -- sauteed mushrooms and onions, brine-cured black olives, roasted red peppers (not all together, though)....


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