Monday, March 05, 2012

Celebrating William

Birthday cake, topped by William and Maria

William is twenty-one, and we had a really lovely time together, celebrating his birthday. On his actual birthday, William and I made sixty chile rellenos... a delicious, new record for us. The next day friends and family gathered for dinner and a movie. We got to watch Hugo on our big screen. If you have seen this movie, then you know what a fitting and magical way this was to share one of our new favorite movies.

Real bow ties, from Michal and Kelly. You can imagine how much William loves these!

There wasn't a lot of advance planning for this fun evening, and we were really delighted to have the guests that were able to join us.

Great Grandma rode over with Grandma Delia and Aunt Becky, and Holly brought Tutu Ruth... plus cousins, and friends, and new friends... and well, a pretty great group, spending a happy evening together.

William and his Grandma BooBoo.
Can I just ask: How? How does time move this swiftly? How does a baby boy so suddenly become a bright and kind young man?
And I would like to add: Thank you. I am blessed.

The candles were not in their original package, and it took me awhile to figure out they were the kind that relight... it made them harder to light, initially...

Suki came to my aid. Gosh, look at the feast! We had rice, beans, the rellenos, deviled eggs, guacamole, a home-baked berry pie, and that enormous cake!

With thoughtful reflection, William made his wish. I hope it comes true.
I have a wish of my own: William, I wish you a long, healthful life, surrounded by friends and love, and plenty of laughter.

This celebration was certainly one wish come true, for me.


ArtyZen said...

Looks like a fantastic celebration you all enjoyed. William has the most amazing style and it's lovely to see him in these photos - he usually manages to avoid the camera, I suspect..
Happy birthday memories.

judy in ky said...

Please give William my best wishes. I agree with your wish for him.

Kim said...

Happy Birthday William! That was a beautiful post, made me tear up a little. Especially that picture of William with his grandma. Thinking of her holding him as a tiny baby and now he towers over her and holds her...I don't know how it goes so fast. What a beautiful family you have Natalie.

Miriam said...

Happy Birthday William! It's no coincidence that a creative and loving family like yours has produced such an exceptional young person - congratulations all around!

Jennifer said...

Oh, how glorious in every way! I hope it's continuing to be the happiest of birthdays -- what a magnificent way to step right into adulthood. Well done, indeed! (And to channel our inner Phineas and Ferb: Goodbye childhood, hello carefree, undemanding adult life! [for reals!])