Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Morning

This is a beautiful day.
Blue sky beautiful.
Warm sun beautiful.
Getting stuff done beautiful.
Time with family beautiful.

About the only downside to this day... parting with my Mommy.
Delia is on her way to Pasadena, with Becky and Grandma.


We had a good visit, played a lot, talked. The hardest part, after she has left, is missing the normal moments, the regular, relaxed exchanges families can share when they live close by. Do you know what I mean? During a visit, we try to squeeze in our quality time and make the most of everything, and I like to think it will last me until our next visit. But what would be really great are just consistent, regular opportunities to hang-out, catch-up, be together. It was a good visit, generous in time, satisfying... but I just know, later this week, unexpectedly, I will really miss her, and wish we could meet for soup, or visit the park, again.

So... back to the beautiful day. We've already filled the morning up with good stuff, and it makes me kind of excited for the potential of the rest of this beautiful day.

Alex, Maria, and I met Eunice and Becky, and handed over Delia, in San Juan Capistrano, and this is the sight that met us when we returned home; Geoff, William, and Max mixing concrete and setting the posts for our little barn. Notice: I am trying to minimize my use of exclamation points... but why? Geoff, William, Max, Maria, and I have begun work on our little barn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of surveying, measuring, staking, re-staking, plotting and planning have already taken place. Geoff and William made a huge progress push yesterday, when they worked by flashlight, and under mosquito attack, to pour concrete into the holes Geoff, Max, William and Maria spent the afternoon digging. The barn will have nest boxes and roosts for the chickens, with an attached chicken run. And there will be room for other things.

Other things (noun)
a: straw bales, feed, buckets, tools

b: vegetarian dogs, also known as miniature goats... for example.

For the record: I am not getting goats. Yet. I am not shopping for goats. Yet. We do not have goats. Yet. But. If, maybe, perhaps, there were suddenly an urgent, or even necessary, compulsion to adopt two adorable little milk goats, wouldn't it make sense to be prepared? Just saying.

So. Anyways... it's a really beautiful day, and we've been busy.
Digging, measuring, leveling, mixing. Some of us visited with the Grandmas and Aunt Becky. The cats have been loved, and the chickens fed. I collected eggs, downloaded photographs, cleaned a mess under the dining table, and started thinking about lunch. What to prepare and eat on a beautiful day?

What to do with the rest of our Saturday?

What are you doing with your day?


Cheyenne -Millie said...

The human is being extremely lazy! The computer is too! So the human is about to walks away from it!

Note from mom! I am sorry your mom has to leave!

Baby By The Sea said...

I just love this window into your day, how building's preparations are a family affair. You've captured the goings-on of a busy yet wonderful Saturday afternoon.

Janece said...

Oh no! Paul missed Delia! We have horrible timing!! ;)

And, *squee!* -- breaking ground on the new barn! That's so exciting!!!

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Vegetarian dogs! I haven't heard that one before. Somehow I have a feeling that one or two miniature goats may eventually end up in your back yard, even though you say you haven't gone looking yet.

nikkipolani said...

I thought about today in the same way -- perfect wonderful fantastic weather with a just-right laze to the hours. Time enough to dream about a pair of milk goats, I guess!

warren said...

Anyone building a deluxe shed is a-ok with me!