Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Fanciful Little Tale of The Birthday Girl

Art by Suki, our real-imaginary Albanian exchange student

It was the very end of spring, and the very beginning of summer break, our hearts and heads were looking to the horizon, ready to embrace the delights of freedom and frivolity, eager to satisfy our curiosity with makeful abandon. Out of the Juneful mist, some call it gloom, we saw the giraffe that carried our Albanian exchange student, and we squealed with delight, gleefully aware of our great fortune at the arrival of this lovely apparition. This was no gloomful air, this was a dazzling precipitation revealing the girl who would bring her music, laughter, wit, companionship, inspiration, aqua-blue, and a Crumpet fish to our Big Blue House.

Unpack your bags, make yourself at home, we called, as she climbed off her stead. And she has been here, making our year, a merrier-sillier-cheerier one, indeed.

Today is Suki's birthday, and we are eager to celebrate this fact, and also the life of this wondrous child-turning-adult. She is dear. She is bright. She is diligent, and industrious. She is imaginative... in ways both fanciful and fortifying. She endures, she perseveres, and she flourishes. Aren't we lucky, us who know her? Aren't we thankful for these days of playing together, the daily celebration of curiosity, makefulness, music, sharing life's journey? Yes, very much, yes, thank you.

Happy Birthday Suki Berry. This tale has no ending, just good wishes, fanciful contemplations, and everlasting gratitude for the sweet gift of time in the company of our Albanian exchange student.


  1. Happy Birthday, Suki. Ruth (Geoff's Mom)

    Are you really an Albanian exchange student??!!

  2. I've been wondering where Suki came from! She's adorable. Wish her "Happy Birthday" for me.

  3. Albania is the land of her forefathers, but the "exchange student" is part of the fanciful play we are making of her visit to the Bird House.

  4. I wish Suki a very happy birthday - I have really enjoyed her appearances in Chickenblog. Axxx

  5. I'm still confused, but I love it, regardless! :)


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