Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Eggs and Day Dreams

Our eggs are small to medium, and pale, like coffee swirling with cream.
The eggs we brought home from Coral Tree Farm were jumbo, and the colors of the sea, milk chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg. All of them were delicious.

Some days we have as many as seven eggs, and some days we only find one or two. Zelda is still broody and sits on all, a few, or none... but in the nest she remains. And sometimes, walking around the yard we find their secret nest... a place in the high grass, or beneath a shady shrub, where the chicas have made a stash of eggs. It is a strange, funny egg hunt.

We are moving beyond the planning stages, and into groundbreaking, for our barn and chicken yard. Hmmmm... do you suppose there is a party in store, for the completion of our venture? A barn raising party? A barn dance?


  1. So jealous of your beautiful eggs, small and plain as you think they are! Someday I will have chickens too, until then, I'll drool and enjoy watching your chicken adventures.

  2. Look at those lovelies! I can't wait to see the progress on your new barn and chicken yard. So exciting! You must be buzzing!

  3. pretty pretty! I just found a stash of nine eggs that Little One had been hiding. She doesn't like that I've thwarted her efforts to lay outside the pen and backyard fence. But she did lay in the coop again yesterday. :)

  4. I love love love your description of the eggs. You have a beautiful and poetic way of seeing the world. -kate


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